MY Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip $64.91 for a family of 4 and meal menu

Well I went back for a second shopping trip this week when I thought I was going to be done, but after my Mother In Law gave me some fabulous Tops Store coupons and an awesome rebate I couldn’t say no..


And this is why I started this weekly post. To keep me on track…well so far I am over budget. Which makes me wonder if I should change my budget for the week…

Let’s see how I did together.


Walmart- I chose Walmart this week because it was snowy, cold and it’s pretty close to our house over Aldi.

2 -Gallons of Skim Milk- $5.38

1- Cabot Greek Vanilla Yogurt-$3.98- This lasted 2 days!

1 -Great Value Sour Cream-$1.68

1 -Dream Works Almond, Hazelnut, Cashew- $2.98- Used the $2/1 printable coupon

1- Great Value Cottage Cheese $2.88

1 -Great Value Powdered Sugar- $1.88 (Which I didn’t need because I had a big bag from BJs just not in the container and I panicked needing this for my daughter’s birthday.. ugh.. that is what I want to STOP doing!)

1- Great Value Brown Sugar- $1.88

1- Great Value Butter Spray- $2.18 ( It’s a bigger size bottle than Aldi)

1- Betty Crocker Cake Mix- $1.08 ( My daughter’s birthday!)

1- Mccormick Ground Mustard- $3.38 ( bigger bottle too)

1- 4 lb. bag of Tilalpia Fish $11.98 ( This was cheaper than BJ’s price but now BJ’s doesn’t carry Tilapia anymore..)

1- Salmon- $3.97

1 8 oz. brick of cheddar cheese -$1.98

Total: $40.25- Will submit for the $15 mail in rebate when you purchase $40 worth of groceries.

Final Price: $25.25




BJ’s Wholesale Club

2- Dozen Eggland’s Best Eggs- $4.99

1 -4 lb. bag of Organic Wellsley Farms Peas- $6.99

1- 4 lb. bag of  Organic Earth’s Pride Broccoli Florets- $7.99

1- 6 lb. bag of Mozzarella Cheese- $9.99

Total: $29.96 ( These should last a few weeks!)


My Tops Haul! I couldn’t pass this up! Would you have??  



Tops Markets

1- 8 lb. Whole Chicken $8.16

1- 1/2 lb. of Sara Lee Turkey $3.84- Used the $3 off a Deli Purchase when you spend $35 Tops Store coupon that was received in the Niagara Falls Grand Opening Flyer. (Thank you to my MIL!

1- All Natural No Antibiotics, hormones, etc. Center Cut Pork Chops- Special Today $3.54- Used the $2 off Prairie Groves Pork Tops Store coupon found in store in the Organic Spotlight magazine in front of store by store ads!

2- All Natural No Antibiotics, hormones, etc. Chicken Thighs- Special Today- $2.89( $0.80/lb!)

2- All Natural No Antibiotics, Hormones, etc. Chicken Drumsticks- Special Today-$2.33 ( $0.80/lb!!)

2- Tops Strawberry Yogurt ( this is soo creamy and thick!) $5.38

1- Bunch of Bananas $0.49/lb- $1.59

1- Marzetti Organic Veggie Dip $2.50- Used a $0.75/1 coupon doubled (NLA)

1- Silk Almond Milk- $3.39- Used a $0.75/1 printable doubled coupon sent from Silk for birthday in e-mail!

2- Panko Bread Crumbs- $3 Used the $1/2 printable coupon from 1/25 SS

I also used a $5 off a $35 Tops Purchase coupon from the Niagara Falls Grand-Reopening flyer from my MIL.

I used the $2 off a $10 Organic Tops Store coupon purchase. ( The meat counted for this)

My Total before savings: $68.58

My Total Paid: $29.70- 53% savings on mostly all MEAT!


I KEEP INCREASING EACH WEEK! I feel like I am stocked up on all meat now. And next week should just be dairy and fruit. I received $20 for a survey I completed and will use that money to bring it down to budget, but still I’m lucky that money came this week or I would be over again!

How are you all doing with your food budget? I feel that I am getting great deals but I am having a hard time staying in my budget.

I feel like every week I am “stocking up“.- which is why I started this series lol.

Tips, suggestions, what do you do? Tell me your thoughts below…please 🙂 


Here’s my meal menu choices for the week:


Breakfast: Cereal, Left over home made waffles, Eggs


Lunch/Snacks: Tuna Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Salad, Turkey Sandwiches, Carrots and Dip, Celery and Dip, Apples and Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Granola Energy Bars, Smoothies, Veggie Straws, Cheese and Crackers, Rice Cakes( our stockpile of these are just about gone!)


Dinner: Lasagna, Pan Fried Tilapia with Steamed Broccoli and French Fries, Fancy Pants Salmon ( Rachel  Ray Recipe), Buttered noodles with peas, Roasted Chicken, with broccoli cheese casserole, dinner rolls, Pork Chops with rice, Chicken Noodle Soup.


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