Shick Quattro Razors $1.09 each at Batavia Target!!

Shick Razors at Target! Here’s how to get yours!!



As you can see there are not many left. Hopefully you printed the high value $3/1 Shick Quattro(It is no longer available to print!) coupon twice! Use that on these razors and you will get a $5 Target Gift Card. Making your total $2.18 or $1.09 after the gift card!! Didn’t print that coupon? First lesson in couponing, when there is a high value or rare printable coupon, print while you can!! But there is still a deal to be had if you didn’t print it!

 *There may be a mobile coupon you could use with this also, my phone is not activated right now so I can’t be sure. Later today I can check, anyone know if there is a mobile coupon to stack?? 



Didn’t print this coupon?  Here is still a decent coupon $5/2 Shick razors.  Making your total $3.18 or $1.59 each after the $5 Target Gift Card! I have never used these razors but hey cheap name brand razors can’t be that bad!

If you bought these razors come back and let us know how you like them!


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