BJS Shoppers, More ways to save with Savingstar!

I am very excited that Savingstar now has added BJs! This means that you can activate the offers and than redeem them at BJs. Savingstar you must activate the offer you want before you purchase it. To sign up is free and you will need to enter your membership number here


Healthy Offer of the Week Tomatoes

Right now some decent offers are

20% off loose tomatoes. 

$0.75/1 Nature Valley Granola 

$0.75/2 Go Gurts

$0.75/1 Food Should Taste Good chips or crackers and more! 

And remember these offers can be stacked with ANY manufacturer or store coupon. They are completely separate.

There is a save $5 when you spend $25 on Febreeze, Glad, Mr. Clean, and Swiffer, and that can be BEFORE your coupons applied!


If you want to sign up or check it out click here



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