MEAT: ALDI Vs. BJ’s, Who’s got the cheaper price?

So I saw the ad for Aldi this week and on the top it says this: ALDI truth #38: We always offer the finest cuts. And that goes for our prices, too.

Alright Aldi, I’m putting you to the test for local prices here in western New York. I have been getting most of our meat from BJs, my husband is a hunter so we eat a lot of venision, but I know their prices are cheaper than Tops, unless Tops has an amazing sale, and are usually cheaper than Walmart . I haven’t priced check them against Walmart in awhile, which is why in the next few days I will be doing that as well.

* Side note that BJs cuts their own meat in store. 

So here it goes. Aldi vs. BJs.  Cheaper item is in red. These are matched agains their own brands, unless otherwise stated!  


FRESH USDA Choice Ribeye Steak

ALDI- $9.99/lb.   BJs- $9.89/lb


ALDI-$6.19 /lb. BJs $5.24/lb


ALDI- $4.89/lb.  BJs $4.69/lb.

80% Lean Ground Beef

ALDI- $3.89/lb  BJs $$3.39

Fresh Chicken Tenderloins

ALDI- $2.99 /lb. BJs ( I didn’t see Bjs brand on this one so this is Perdue) $2.99/lb.

Fresh USDA Choice Bottom Round Roast

ALDI- $4.89  BJs $4.39

Fresh Chicken Breasts

ALDI- $2.79/lb.  BJs$1.99/lb.

Fresh Assorted Pork Chops

ALDI- $2.89 /lb. BJs- $2.59/lb.

Fresh  Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops

ALDI- $4.19 /lb. BJs- $2.99/lb

Fresh Pork Tenderloin

ALDI-$3.99/lb.  BJs- $2.99/lb.

Fresh Boneless Pork Butt Roast

ALDI- $1.99/lb ( This is the special fresh meat buy on Wed. 10/1 ONLY) BJs- $2.49/lb.



Now you may be saying well it is cheaper because you pay a membership fee so really Aldi is cheaper. Hold on. NOT TRUE!

Meat Consumption, 2007

IHere’s a little diagram and an article about meat consumption. Saying we eat an average 102.5/lbs of meat in one year? WHOA… When you read further down in the article it shows in 2012 we dipped a bit. But let’s go with this number.

You have 5 people in your family.

That’s 512.5/lbs of meat in one year. Just about one whole cow right?!

Ok so let’s say your family is consuming 512.5 lbs. of meat in a year. BJ’s is an average $0.56/lb. cheaper for all meats than the advertised price currently at Aldi.

By buying your meat from BJs you would save your family $286 a year!

You would be spending way more on just your meat even when you factor in your $50 membership fee. I do suggest splitting the membership fee with someone only making it $25. But with all the BJs coupons and stacks with manufacturers coupons, your $50 will be well worth it!  You can try BJs out for 60 days FREE here

But with that said, you do have to know your prices. But my personal opinion is if you don’t want to mess around with all the coupons and doubling and transactions, than BJs is the way to go. Just using their coupon booklet is simple and will save you $!

Aren’t you curious to see how these two stores compare to Walmart??

Me too!!

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