$19 in New Printable coupons!! – Pop Tarts, Hasbro games, & more

Here are some new printable coupons from coupons.com for ya to print! Remember if it is something you think you will need/want to try than print sooner rather than later!




$1/2 Kellogg’s Nutty Pop Tarts ( Pop Tarts are on sale at Tops for $2.50 so $2 each with this coupon)

$1/1 Lipton Tea 

$1.25/1 Clorox 2 Pens

$2/1 Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant

$4/1 Huggies Diapers or Pull Ups

$1/1 Genisoy  Powders, Bars and Crisps RARE ( I have gotten this at Wegmans for $13.99 it is really good even plain! But in Batavia GNC does carry it, I am not sure if they take coupons?!)

$3/1 Catch Phrase, Decades, Taboo Buzz’d or Trivial Pursuits Hints Games

$3/1 Hungry Hippos, or Elefun and Friends game ( Hungry Hippos is $12.99 at Target  & Walmart just $9.99 after coupon)

$3/1 Mouse Trap, or Chasin Cheeky Game



Happy Holidays!!! 


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