The truth no one has told you about Breastfeeding

 If you are a male, you not going to not want to read anymore.  If you do continue on, well I warned you… but you will definitely get more information than you wanted about my boobs.

I have something to tell my fellow girls. A truth that my own mother did not tell me until I shared this shocker with her and she is like “Oh yeah….. yeah… that does happen.”

I’ll share it with you so you can embrace it when it happens.

Here we go.

It’s rainy and cold and just dreary and it matches my mood perfectly. Although I should be feeling great because my first born baby had an awesome doctor’s appointment and is now sleeping; I can’t help but throw my mommy jacket on the floor and complain about my so called womanhood. I say so called because after my experience today.. what’s left?

Why do women have to go through so much when having a child? Think about it.  Not only does our world change, our bodies change, everything changes and there is no going back.
Do men understand every little thing that we go through when having these babies? Not to mention we still get a period every month?! And do we really need to remind them of how well that goes over every time?!


I nursed Riley for 15 months. I loved my boobs while I was pregnant and after the first couple months after she was born!  It felt great being in a C cup! Going up a whole cup size was exciting!

Today a very upsetting moment occurred.

I tried on an A cup and it was a little too big!  Yep my first thought was it’s this brand.

Then my second thought was how does this even make sense when I’m wearing a B cup.

Then I put on my old B cup bra and was horrified..

This bra was too big.

Then I told myself I’m delirious from watching my baby get 2 shots..

So I sat down to finish my coffee thought about what just took place and did the unthinkable.

I walked back into that bathroom determined something is not right and looked in the mirror with my shirt and bra off.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I’ve made today so far.. and it’s only 11:30 a.m.

Don’t do this ladies. It’s just setting yourself up for a disaster.

I got dressed, got my coffee sat down and here I am.. baffled.

They are the smaller then before I was pregnant….  How is that possible?


Well, there is another good thing about this day, at least I got my new A cup bras that are a tad too big on clearance for $4.00 each.
If I’m gonna be wearing an A cup I better  get them on clearance!!!  It did actually break my heart that the coupon I had was for a bra that was over the amount of $16.99.
But I guess I can settle for buying something on clearance without a coupon, this one time. .
I want to share that I wrote this with my first baby. I nursed my second baby until she was 19 months. And the same exact thing happened. 

I wasn’t as shocked this time, but it still takes some adjusting. I said to my gynecologist, “Please tell me they will come back a bit, she said no way. Unless you gain weight. BAH! Oh well. What’s done is done ladies.

Although no one prepared me for the extreme shrinkage of boobs after I would NOT change it for anything. Yes with the first it was rough in the beginning but it was worth it and same with the second! I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything it was beautiful! 



What shocked you about nursing your babies???

If you didn’t nurse your babies what shocked you about feeding your babies???






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