Feed your Family for $33.73 at Tops this week!

I was just talking with my friend who wants to start meal planning for her family. She said she needed my help with the coupons and meal planning. She wants to feed her family healthier food and stay in a budget.

It inspired me to come up with this post. What if I could show you that this week you could feed your family for under $45 and give you the meal plan?

Now obviously this won’t float the boat for everyone. You may hate fish. Maybe if this becomes popular like my weekly grocery trip then Ill continue each week! We will see how well I can manage time!

But hopefully this will inspire you to start meal planning and believing that you CAN serve your family on a budget.

But you do have to change your mind set. Give up the attitude of ” I’m in the mood for this.I could just run to the store.”

We have to STOP thinking we can just grab what we want when we want it and hope we will save money or somehow more money will come to us.

You have to BE SMART with your money and PLAN.  Groceries is the ONE area you can MOST CERTAINLY cut back costs. 

So here is something you can make this week ( Well it’s  Tuesday so this would last you until next Tuesday!) Seven dinner meals shopping the sales this week at Tops Markets.

Now keep in mind you may have some of these things at home already. And you should definatly have these 10 pantry items in your home. Because on a week you have less money for groceries you can hit the pantry!

Here’s the Menu:

Tuna Melts ( I just mix mayo lemon juice and tuna up. Than I top with cheese. Turn the Broiler on and melt for about 5-8 mins!)

Garlic Butter Shrimp

Seasoned Salmon

Grilled Chicken Thighs with EVOO salt and pepper with french fries

Ears of Fresh Corn with Pasta salad and roasted veggies( Hopefully you have some pasta if not use something in your pantry!)

Chicken Salad with homemade rolls( don’t want to make rolls use your $0.50 bread!)

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches ( can make a salad again or I would just use some frozen veggies that I already have)

What will this cost you to make?

$33.73- Which I included fresh fruit, milk and eggs!

Here’s the Breakdown:

2 Bags of Shredded Tops Cheese $3.98 ( $1.99 ea.)

4 Loaves of Monk’s Bread $2 ( $0.50 each cheaper if you have Ibotta app than $1.75 total)

Use four $.75/1 Monks Bread printable coupon here  ( pdf so one computer will do ya!)

Use the $0.25/1 IBOTTa offer here


2 cans of Valu Time Tuna $1.18 ( $0.59 each)


2 Bumble Bee Fresh Dinners Choose from Shrimp, Salmon, Tilapia $3.99 for two

Use the $3/1 Bumblebee Super Fresh printable coupon here


12 pieces of Fresh Sweet Corn $4


Romaine Hearts $2.50


Simply Dressed Salad Dressing $2.50

Use the $1/1 coupon from 3/22 SS


Chicken Thighs $0.99 buy a 4.5 lb. one ( thats the size I figured in total price)


Alexia All natural GMO free Fries $3.33

Use the $1/1 printable coupon here


Bananas $0.39/lb

Part of 3 day sale. Thurs. Fri. & Sat. ONLY!

Use $0.25/1 Bananas Checkout 51 offer here

Use $0.25/1 Bananas Ibotta Offer here




3 lb. bag of New York State Apples $2.99

Use the $1/1 Tops Click to Card coupon here

Grab a box of Good bar Ice Cream bars for dessert for $1.99

 Total at Tops: $30.66

You would earn 100 gas points just in the coupons you used which is $0.10/gallon of gas and than on top of the amount you spent.

If you filled up 30 gallons of gas with $0.10 off you saved $6 bringing your total down to $24.66

Grab your milk and eggs from Aldis or Save a lot. Aldi’s milk is $2.08 a gallon and their eggs are $0.99 this week. I figured these prices into the total.( Ok so it’s not all from Tops but majority I know! I’m about getting the best price!)

Use what you have in your pantry for sides. Rice, Beans, Frozen Veggies. Get creative. I’m sure there is something in there you can use to pair with a side without spending more money!


Total Spent : $33.73-

Now you would adjust this to your family’s needs. For example if you go through 2 gallons of milk a week.


What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts! Was this helpful or inspiring?

Would this be something you would like to see here more often?! 

Tell me tell me tell me 😉 


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