Thrifty Thursday: My 7 piece dining room set a STEAL!

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Are you a thrifty shopper? Your answer will depend on your definition of thrift.  The definition is this: (of a person or their behavior) using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

I would say  I am thrifty and I think it is a WONDERFUL thing to be called! Would you?

I wanted to share with you on this new series I’ll do once a month or more we will see called Thrifty Thursday!

Today I want to share with you my newly renovated dining room finds! This room used to be our living room until we finished our basement. You can read a bit about that here.


The power of waiting. Sometimes I tend to be OVERLY thrifty. Yes I will use that instead of cheap. We were using a round small dining room table that I had since I was an 8 year old kid. Great quality table but small. When the Batavia Restore opened up there was a brand new Ashley dining room table with 6 fabric chairs. The price was $400.

Too high for me….

The price got lowered.

I don’t know do I really need this? My family has grown to 4 and at the time once the baby got out of the high chair we needed more space.

Then the price hit $200.

SCORE! I hesitated because it was a good chunk of money but my mom reminded me this was something we needed. We really did when family came over for dinner we didn’t have enough room.

That’s a deal!

dining room table

Then last weekend we went garage saleing. I saw some furniture at one on our way out. I hesitated again… I only had $6 in change. I knew all the furniture was going to be well over that amount. I wanted a piece to go in my dining room.

My parents were visiting and my mom stopped the truck and told me to get out and look.

There it was the PERFECT table. Marked for $30.

thrift shopping table

I asked the lady if they would go any lower on the price. The owner wasnt there he was getting more furniture. Well my mom started counting her change and so did I. The lady says to me would you take it for $25?

I sure would! We counted out enough change( thankfully my mom had a $10 bill).

And now I have 7 nice pieces of furniture for $225! And I am glad I didn’t spend more. My kids have scratched the table and my cat clawed up the chairs bad!

One of those types of tables at Target I just saw was $200! Do not buy furniture at retail stores!

If you are just patient and willing to take a little time to look around you can save so much money and find things that are unique.

If you are in the Batavia Area there is a city wide garage sale coming up August 18th. These are great opportunities to browse and find something that will save you loads of cash! Rummage sales and thrift stores are not filled with just junk- there are buried treasures you just have to look!




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