6 Must Have Apps to Save Money On Groceries

If clipping coupons is not your thing then stop reading, move on. NO NO NO! That is what you heard in the past. When our mom’s were clipping coupons. Not today’s Modern Saver.

No my friends we have these new little devices that seem to control our entire lives if we let them…… SMART PHONES!!!

And dumb phones. (Hey these are still an upgrade from our how long ago when there were those things called CORDLESS PHONES!!)

And with these phones and tablets of ours we can save money on things we are ALREADY buying!

We can even save on produce. Something our parents didn’t see much of.

Here are 6 Money Saving Apps you must download if you want to save some of that hard earned cash of yours.

And if you are hardcore…. meaning you clip COUPONS and use a smartphone, you are in for mega savings. You can stack your manufacturer coupons with these apps!

Sometimes giving you items for FREE!

Like this Colgate Toothpaste at CVS this week here.

We work hard for our money. Let’s spend it wisely!

ibotta offers new 7/30


Here are the 6 Must Have Apps to save money.

1. Checkout 51 

What you do is check out the weekly deals posted to the site, buy a participating product, snap a photo of your receipt showing that you bought the item, and the app will credit you with cash. You can buy the items from ANY STORE!  Once your savings balance hits $20.00, the company will mail you a check. ( Or you can have it go to your bank account.) This is my favorite because the produce offers change weekly! 


2. Savingstar

Add e-coupons that load to your loyalty card, buy the item at your local store and receive the money into your account. You have to choose which store and activate the offer BEFORE YOU PURCHASE your item.


3. Ibotta

This is the same concept as Checkout 51 but you have different offers at different stores. This app has a listing of local stores to choose from. Tops Markets and BJ’s, Target, and Walmart are on there for my locals! You have to submit a picture of your receipt. This app does not work with my OLD outdated smartphone. It may not work with all phones.But worth a try because they have a lot of any brand offers on there! Cash is put into your paypal account or gift cards.


4. Target Cartwheel

This is just for Target shoppers.  You can add coupons to your account and scan the barcode from tablet, phone or printed bar code from your computer.  If you shop at Target you need this. Many items are up and up and you can combine Target coupons with manufacturer coupon with this! For a triple stack savings and add in Checkout 51 and Ibotta wow oh wow!


5. BerryCart

This app is unique because they only offer natural organic items. BerryCart is similar to the Ibotta and CheckOut51 cash back apps in that you can earn money on the purchase of a product. Like Ibotta, you can also unlock a rebate by learning about a new product or completing an action. On BerryCart you will NOT see products that have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, or chemicals that you can clean your floor with. You can get your earnings through pay pal or gift cards!


6. Snap by Groupon-

This is exactly like Checkout 51. You have a list of offers and then you take a picture of your receipt showing proof of purchase and you are credited the amount of money shown.


Do you use any of these Apps?

Are there any apps I do not have listed that you would recommend?

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