*NEW* Organic Probiotic Melt Butter Spread + 2 coupons

WOW! This is really interesting so I wanted to share  with you! Melt spread has a new product- Organic Probiotic Spread! Love when new products come out and there is a coupon!

melt organic probitoic spread

Here’s what the company said about it:

“Made from the Perfect Blend™ of “good fats” like virgin coconut, hi-oleic sunflower and flaxseed oils, this innovative spread is blended with the highly stable probiotic GanedenBC30. Probiotic MELT supports digestive health and a healthy immune system when consumed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Even better, Probiotic MELT delivers active cultures more effectively than yogurt.

With its creamy taste, NEW Probiotic MELT enhances the flavor of the foods you love while delivering probiotics safely and deliciously. Just two servings, or two tablespoons, per day spread liberally on your morning toast, muffin, bagel or waffles delivers 1 billion CFU’s of probiotic GanedenBC30  to support your digestive health. Liven up your healthy lifestyle with Probiotic MELT Organic – the ‘BUTTER 2.0®’ that loves you back.”

I’m anxious to give it a try! Tops Markets and Wegman’s carries this brand. I Let’s hope as a new item it goes on sale soon! When I see that it does I’ll let you know!

We can print a $2 off coupon here and a $1 off coupon here! Love saving on Organic!


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