Aldi Vs. Tops Markets- Which is cheaper? Meal Deal Edition

You have probably heard of the meal deals at Tops where they have you buy a package of meat and you get a certain number of items for free. Many of the times I skip over these because the items are just things our family doesn’t eat or things that are so cheap on their own it’s not worth spending the extra money on meat.

I am a BJ’s member and they have the best price on meat in our area. I have done lots of price comparisons on this site. You can check out the BJs Vs.Aldi one here. 

This week my whole family went shopping with me. Now that we live 15 minutes away  I try to go grocery shopping after church. It was a lot of fun. We split up and cut our time. Then I came to the meal deal.

It pulled me in. All the items conveniently right there and this time they were not so bad. My husband needed water bottles for work and he pushed me with the final decision of yes.

And of course I’m agonizing over the questions- “Did I really get a deal?”

So here is a price comparision for the Meal Deal at Tops to Aldi.

Let’s start by looking at what you get in the meal deal valid at Tops Markets 4/24-4/30. For price comparison the retail price will be next to the item. 

  • Buy 1 Big Pack of Boneless Chicken Breasts $4.29/lb. Average price is $16-$24. I picked the cheapest one I could find at $19.
  • Steamables Red Potatoes 24 oz.- $3.49
  • Tops Baked Beans Original, Maple Bacon or Country Style, 16 oz. $1 ( on sale original $1.49) 
  • Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread 10 oz.$2.99
  • Tops Tortilla Chips All Varieties, 9-11.5 oz. $2.50 ( on sale- original $3.49)
  • Tops Premium Salsa Selected Varieties, 16 fl. oz.  $2.99 ( on sale original $3.29)
  • Fresh Baked Angel Food Cake $4.49
  • Tops Spring Water 12 Pack 12-16.9 oz. ( This shows $0.99 on my receipt its all mixed up with the savings so not sure full price)
  • Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad All Varieties, 7.25-8.3 oz. $2.49

Now you would get all the items after the chicken FREE at Tops.

Total Spent: $19.52

aldi vs. tops markets meal deal comparision who is cheaper

Here’s the cost if you bought all the items at Aldi- of course these will be Aldi brand. These prices are from the Batavia, NY store.

  • Boneless Chicken Breasts $2.49/lb. x the 4.55 lbs I bought at Tops-  $11.32
  • Steamables Potatoes $2.49
  • Baked Beans 22 oz. $1.39 – to compare to Tops smaller ounce size we will look at unit price which makes this $0.96
  • Garlic Bread- $1.79
  • Tortilla Chips $1.19
  • Specialty Salsa $1.89
  • 24 pk. of Water $2.89- they only had 24 packs- to compare to Tops smaller number we will look at unit price which makes this $1.44
  • Suddenly Pasta Salad Mix $0.99
  • Angel Food Cake- They did not carry any but there was sliced cake same ounce size for $2.99

Total at Aldi: $25.06 for all of the above ingredients.

Total at Tops for all above ingredients $19.52 and I earned gas points for my purchase.

The Winner:


Before you go check out all the deals you can score at Tops this week here.


aldi vs. tops which is cheaper meal deal 2016

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