BJ’s Discount Membership 1-Year ONLY $30

Are you thinking about renewing your BJ’s membership? I received a deal in my email to grab a year Inner Circle membership at BJ’s for $30. That is $20 off the normal $50 a year membership.

This offer has expired. You can grab a $25 BJ’s Membership deal online HERE. Current as of May 2022.
Now in the past I thought this was only for new members but after speaking to several BJ’s store managers across the country they have all said if you receive this offer you can redeem it.

So I tried this out online and I got all the way to confirming pay. So I believe this offer is available to renew your membership for $30! That is great news!

If you try it and are a current member please let us know how it goes.

Head here to sign up for a $30 year membership.

This offer is all completed online only.

Not ready to pay for a year membership? Try out the club for 90 days for FREE Here.

13-secrets-to-save-big-at bjs-club


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