Where to Buy These 5 Grocery Items – Tops Or Aldi

How many times have you seen the better deal at Tops between Tops and Aldi ? Yet this week, Aldi is cheaper on a few advertised products. I really feel that our Aldi in Batavia has gone up in price. Anyone else relate? For some reason the Aldi in Brockport is always cheaper on many pantry staples.

The point is even Aldi changes prices and has things on sale and not. For us to stay on top of the game we need to always be checking prices and looking for the best deal. Thank Goodness you found this site right?! 🙂

This week you should buy:

Asparagus at Aldi for $1.99/lb. instead of Tops for $2.48/lb.

Baby Bella Mushrooms at Aldi for $0.99 instead of $2.50 at Tops

Hi Farms American Cheese Singles at Aldi for $1.69 instead of Tops Brand Cheese Singles for $3

Friendly’s Ice Cream at Tops for $2.25 each instead of at Aldi for $2.69

Waffle Cones 12 ct. at Aldi for $1.59 instead of $2 at Tops

Jennie O Ground Turkey 1 lb. at Aldi for $5.99 for 48 oz. instead of at Tops for $4.99 for 32 oz.


which store is cheaper tops or aldi


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