Why Yinzers Need a Costco Membership

Many people get a Costco membership for their growing family. Or for the craze of Kirkland brand but in Western Pennsylvania, we choose it for the cheap gas.

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a term for Pittsburghers.
“Yinzers” are locals who love Pierogis, Pizza and the Steelers. They say downtown, like “Dahntahn” and if you venture through tunnels you’ve made a sacrifice that deserves to be honored.

Costco Wholesale Store Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Gas
Of course, its raining and I’m on empty.

I ventured to Costco, where I heard you could get gas for under $3.00 a gallon. I also noticed there were tons of clearance items too.

If you’re from Western Pennsylvania, you know we have some of the highest gas prices around. We pay for a higher gas tax to cover our roads. Well, explain the notoriously bad road conditions, Turnpike tolls and Potholes then!

Let’s take a break from inflated Gas pricing
and stop riding on empty.

Gas Tank, Vehicle, Costco, Gas, Pennsylvania

Summer has only just begun and we’re already seeing prices around $3.20.

Often Getgo, Sheetz, or Speedway advertises decent gas promotions. With Giant Eagles Getgo Gas Stations, you have to spend a pretty hefty amount to save on gas.

If you shop at Giant Eagle quite often it is worth it. Sheets is 3¢ by standard, and Speedway occasionally runs their 10¢ off promotion as well. Pretty much all grocers offer discounts on gas as long as you sign up for the customer loyalty cards. Heck, even BJ’s Wholesale club runs a pretty competitive gas promotion– but we don’t have any near us.

But do they compare to Costco’s Gas Prices?

According to Gasbuddy ( an awesome app to compare gas prices for trips, or just around your zip code ) I found that Costco has gas for $2.97. It was shocking to see something without being $3.00+.

This is the CHEAPEST price east of Pittsburgh. The only other Costco Wholesale with gas are located in Cranberry to the north. Which according to Gasbuddy is only $2.91 a gallon and Robinson Township to the west which is only $2.91! So it gets better the further out you venture.

I made the executive decision to sign up for the $60 Gold Card Membership, and within the first fill for 6.5 gallons I saved $1.40 to get just over half a tank. Let’s imagine you fill up at $2.97 ( Price as of this post ) with a 12-gallon tank. That would be $35.64.

Costco Memberships are required to purchase Fuel at Costco.

Let’s say you filled up at the Sunoco down the street for $3.15. This would cost $37.80. So you’d be saving about $2.64 each fill up. You can dodge the membership fee with Costco Gift Cards. So you could load up a Costco Cash Card, and pay at the pump that way.

Are you ready to save on gas?


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