Easy Ways to Organize Toys at Costco

When you have kids, let’s face it the toys are everywhere. I love to see my kids playing with toys and off the electronics. Grabbing new ideas to organize toys and change it up is helpful in our household.

When things are organized, clean up is so much easier. With a location for every toy, kids will find it easier to grab their favorites and stay engaged in play.

November is almost around the corner and that means the holidays will be here soon. Are your kids circling their favorites in all the must-have toy catalogs? Where will you put it all? Just the thought of bringing more toys into the home can give anxiety.

If your anything like me you might need to prioritize which areas to start with. Taking care of toy clutter now will help find joy in the holiday season. If your home is like ours, we keep toys in several locations. If your wondering where on earth to even start, I have some tips for you from my favorite place Costco.

Costco has some great toy organizing options that will get the area cleaned up and functional. I recommend that you start with one area at a time. If you have younger kids in the home, I recommend that you do this when they are not around.

When my kids are around during toy purging, suddenly everything is still their favorite. Get the older kids involved if possible, as ideally, it will be their space to keep clean.

Once your area is cleaned out, you will have a good idea of what your needs are for organizing.

Head to your Costco and check out what they have to offer. What is going to work best in your home and space?

organize toys at costco

Bin Organizer

This 8 bin organizer by Bayside Furnishings is a great way to keep all the toys tucked away and out of sight in living and toy room areas. This piece looks high quality and will look beautiful with any home decor.

For $119.99 it comes with 8 fabric bins with labeling windows! Clean up just became a whole lot easier and is going to look gorgeous.

organize toys at costco

Collapsible crates

These Instacrate collapsible 12-gallon crates had me so excited! For only $7.99 you can stock up to organize the toys in the garage or toy room. They fold down for easy storage and are extremely durable! They are stackable when they are collapsed as well as when in crate form.

Use your imagination when it comes to organizing toy areas.

Compare to Amazon here.

organize toys at costco

Check out this Neatfreak 16 compartments with drawers for $29.99. This organizer would be perfect for craft items, games, and all those small little knick-knacks our kids seem to have hundreds of. The drawers can gather loose items and the entire top area is a shelf which could hold more bins!

organize toys at costco

Often times you have the shelf or a closet in mind and just need baskets to help keep things more organized.

Compare to the price on Amazon here.

Faux Wicker Bin

organize toys at costco

If you are looking for a stylish option, check out these Faux Wicker Bins with a fabric liner for $9.99 These baskets are an impressive quality and the perfect size for all those hand-sized toys. Costco always seems to have a variety of fabric bins available to choose from.

wire baskets with liner at costco

Clearance item! You might get lucky searching your Costco for this 3 Wire Basket Set for $19.97. We shared this earlier in the month on the blog here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on Costco Clearance.

This is such an amazing price to the ones on Amazon.

This adorable set would be the perfect toy organizing tool for just about any area in the home.

Place them on a shelf in the closet or as baskets in a cube organizer. You could also lay them on the floor and pile in stuffed animals, blocks, or dolls! At this price, grab a few sets and the ideas are endless.

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