Our Must Have Winter Fashion for Kids at Costco

Costco was new to our area ( Wisconsin) a few years ago. The store recruited half my friends and they excitedly filled me in on all their favorite items. When I took a trip for the first time with some family, I was immediately drawn to the middle section.

Tables were piled high with name brand winter fashion styles for all ages. I took one look at the price tags and I knew I had found a goldmine. When you have a family of 6 to clothe, you get excited when you find things you love that also fit into your budget.

Like many people, when I thought of Costco I thought of the toiletry and bulk snack deals. I was shocked by the variety of items that the store carried all year long. September is when I saw the winter fashions arriving.

With cooler months approaching, it is time to be updating the kids’ wardrobe. With a list in hand of the sizes we needed, Costco was the first place that I knew we needed to stop.

As a mom, I think about style and price when it comes to dressing my children. My kids insist that everything be cool and comfortable. When searching through the clothing options at Costco, you will be able to find a style that is comfortable with the right price.

These are just a few of the deals we snatched up on our latest shopping trip. We were excited to be stocking up on fresh looks for the kids that we know everyone else will love too!

If you want to see Costco’s Winter Jackets and snowpants for kids go here.

The Top 5 Winter Kids Fashion Items

Adidas athletic lounge pants

winter kids fashion adidas pants costco

These athletic pants are a fairly consistent Costco item! Costco items change out frequently, BUT every time I walk the aisles during a visit, these pants are available in an array of sizes and colors! They are soft, comfortable and affordable at only $12.99 a pair and my boys absolutely LOVE and live in them.

Adidas 2 pk Jump Suits $16.99-$19.99

winter kids fashion adidas hoodie

Do you see those price tags? You can grab these 2 pk adidas jumpsuits for only $16.99-$19.99 including sizes 2T- XL youth. I love that these are stylish and comfortable for a price that is half the cost.

Every age looks adorable in these suits and mom gets a grin when they all wear them at the same time. The quality is amazing and you can count on these to hold up for hundreds of wears. We use the jacket part all year long.

For more adidas items at Costco online tap here.

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Full-Zip Fleece lined hoodie for only $11.99

winter kids fashion hoodie costco

These were a great find on our last Costco adventure. Having versatile items in our children’s wardrobe is helpful on those crazy school mornings.

Pair this daily with your child’s favorite pair of pants and shirt underneath These are SUPER soft on the inside and will keep kiddos comfy and warm. They wash well and come in a bunch of colors.

2pc Nautica Sweater Fleece Sets $14.99

winter kids fashion nautica sweater costco

Fleece is my favorite winter kids fashion item to keep the kids warm. When I saw these Nautica Fleece sets were available in sizes 2T-Y7 I grabbed several sets. These really would make a great Christmas present or donation item this holiday season.

Leggings for girls 2 pc $9.99

winter kids fashion kirkland leggings

Available at Costco across the nation, you will definitely want to grab some of these Kirkland leggings for girls! Soft and stretchy, you can get two pairs for only $9.99. Grab them in sizes XS-L Y in a variety of color and print combinations.

What I love about Costco is that every time you walk in your surprised. Costco is great about rotating their inventory and keeping things fresh. You can count on many of the same styles, but also need to check frequently to find those special items.

Plus we thought we should add in the choices of Winter Jackets and Snowpants too. The regular prices for these items are great.

Jacket and Snowpant sets

Weatherproof kids 2pc Snowsuit sets for $29.99 Available in girls and boys sizing 2T-6. This set is perfect for kids that are off to school and will need something to hold up for every day playing in the winter cold.

Gerry 3 in 1 Youth Jacket with beanie hat for $34.99. These jackets were extremely nice and were available in size 5-14 youth. The inner jacket is removable and can be used as a lightweight option for warmer days.

Gerry Kids Snow Pants are available in black and gray for $16.99 in boys and girls sizes XS-XL

Head Junior Ski Gloves for $13.99
I snatched up three pairs for the boys in our family. Waterproof, heavy-duty gloves are a must for cold winter playing.

Head Junior Ski Mittens for $13.99
A mitten style heavy duty mitten perfect for the littles winter playtime. Available in sizes XS and S

What I love about Costco is that every time you walk in your surprised. Costco is great about rotating their inventory and keeping things fresh. You can count on many of the same styles, but also need to check frequently to find those special items.

Don’t forget to watch for those clearance items to get even better deals. Have fun shopping and let us know what items are your favorites?

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