Our 7 Favorite Nut Free Snacks at Costco

Do you have a tree nut or peanut allergy? Do you know someone that does? Are you providing snacks for a sports team or have a nut free environment at your child’s school?

At first, it can feel like almost every favorite food is not safe. Thankfully, there are still many choices available completely nut-free.

As an allergy mom myself, I have been there. I know how scary it can be to feed a child food not understanding if it is safe for them. I know what it is like to have friends over with more severe allergies and trying to understand the cross-contamination of allergens.

When your environment or snack needs to be nut-free you must check the labels. Not only must the food itself not contain nuts, it must not be made anywhere WITH nuts.

The label ideally should have this information, however, it is not required and is completely optional for companies to provide it. If your favorite snack is not listed, you can call the companies 1-800 number and ask them how and where their product is manufactured. 

 I have compiled a list of my favorite nut-free snacks at Costco that are clearly labeled. I wanted to give you several options you could feel 100% safe with.

A huge thank you to Costco for supporting brands that freely provide safety information to its consumers.

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nut free snacks at costco

Annies Fruit Snacks

Not all fruit snacks are safe, but since they are a favorite kid choice, this is a great find. Annies have clearly marked manufacturing labels and you can feel confident in this nut-free choice. Each box at Costco has 42 packages, including flavors Summer Strawberry and Berry Patch. Each box at regular price is $13.39.

nut free snacks at costco


We love these at our house. Our favorite Costco had these to sample at our last visit. I knew it was completely safe for our son because it states made in a facility without tree nuts or peanuts. These are a wonderful option for school lunch or as an after sports snack. Each box comes with 28 generous portion bags with three flavors: sea salt, white cheddar, and kettle corn. Regular price $10.49

nut free snacks at costco

MADE GOOD Granola Minis

This is the best of the best when it comes to labeling. These mini granola bags are free from the top 8 most common allergens. Packed with vegetable nutrients, adults and children will both enjoy these to snack on. Each bundle comes with 20 bags for $10.49.

nut free snacks at costco

Pirates Booty Popcorn

My kids came home asking for the pirate snack. I had no idea what they meant until we were at Costco and my son shouted and pointed at these. Who knew a popcorn puff snack would bring so much excitement.

You can get 40 fairly large-sized individual bags for $9.99 ( on sale now for $6.99) which makes it a killer deal for safe lunch or an nut free after school snack. The box clearly labels that it is not manufactured with peanuts or tree nuts.

nut free snacks at costco

Natures Bakery Fig Bars

These are a family favorite and purchase every trip to Costco. Not only are they a generous portion and safe for our entire family, but they are also delicious in wholewheat raspberry, blueberry, and original fig flavors. Grab a box of 36 bars for $12.49

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nut free snacks at costco

Go Go Squeez Organic Pouches

Costco does offer a variety of fruit pouches but GO GO Squeeze is the only one clearly labeled to be free from the top 8 allergens. The original pouches come in a box with 28 for $16.99. Check online for the Go Go Squeeze BLAST pouches which are $11.49 for 16 larger sized pouches in raspberry and berry.

We have been waiting for patiently for our Costco to get these back in stock in store as they were a favorite last year.

nut free snacks at costco

Harvest Snap Peas

Ok, so to be fair these are not clearly labeled BUT they are peas and you can head to their website where they answer that all of their products are gluten, dairy and tree nut, and peanut-free. I included them because they are such a great healthy snack alternative that many kids gobble them up.

The pressure is off. You now have several options to choose from, all available in bulk amounts for your nut-free needs. Never underestimate the power of showing an allergy friend you care.

It may be inconvenient at times for someone who never has to worry about allergens in their home but I promise you it matters to someone who does.

I hope you find this list helpful on your next Costco shopping trip. If you see something I missed available at your local Costco, let me know here. I will always be looking for more safe options.


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