Our Favorite Kirkland Brand Items

When I was a young girl my grandma taught me how to always shop for the best deals. Check the clearance racks first, stop at the end aisle, grab your coupons and never pay full price. My mom always bought generic and that passed onto me when I started shopping myself as a young adult.

I have memories of some generic brands just never living up to the “ real stuff”. I know that these feelings stick with many people preventing them from even trying store brands.

For our family, the added savings of purchasing generic has always been worth the gamble. The good news is that more often then not, your getting something great. 

Take a stroll through Costco and you will see their store brand Kirkland on display everywhere. One of the things I love about Costco is that they bring the best of the best, and they put their guarantee of satisfaction on their own brand Kirkland. That speaks volumes.

I couldn’t wait to try out the Kirkland brand and have my top 10 list here today to share.


best kirkland brand items paper towel

My husband is extremely particular about toilet paper. If it were up to me I would grab the commercial rolls you find in stores. When I loaded this bundle into the shopping cart he gave me a skeptical look. I am excited to share my husband gives his approval. You can grab 30 jumbo size rolls for $19.99.


best kirkland dishwasher pacs

I fell in love when I got a sample in the mail of a dishwasher packet. I knew they would be amazing but was not sure I would be willing to pay that extra charge for the name brand.

When I saw that Costco had a Kirkland tub of dishwasher packs for $11.99 I wanted to try them. The verdict is in, these are great and completely worth it. The dishes come out clean and they are so convenient to use.


best kirkland brand towels

To be honest I am not picky when it comes to paper towels. It is a bonus to have it in the house, so I only grab it when I see a good sale. The Kirkland paper towels deliver on quality at a reasonable cost. This is why it’s one of the best Kirkland brand items. Grab 12 large-sized rolls for $19.99.

best kirkland brand items salsa

Organic Salsa

Our family breaths salsa. I love trying different kinds as there are so many different recipes to enjoy. On impulse, I grabbed this two-pack of salsa after sampling in the store. Costco knows exactly what they are doing with those samples. It is GOOD and I think its a great price at $9.99.

best kirkland brand items


I saw this massive bag of chocolate chips in a friend’s cupboard when I was visiting her place. In the store, I was on the lookout for these and found them over with the cooking staples. Pay $10.49 for 4.5 lbs, now that is a good deal.

best kirkland brand items


To save money we have grabbed generic batteries and later regretted it. I was weary to try these but they are holding up strong in the boys gaming controllers for many hours.

best kirkland brand items


Another sold item from sampling in the warehouse.  A great tasting hummus you can grab it in a tub or in these mini individual serving cups. In our home, we like to dip raw veggies, pretzels, pita bread into this hummus. These have been perfect for sending in the school lunches.

best kirkland brand items


We grabbed these when they were on sale 4 pizzas for $8.99. The regular price is $10.99. After trying them I would say they are definitely worth the full price as they are a quality frozen pizza with great flavor. We were surprised it came with a large amount of pepperoni and cheese.

Ever wonder what brand is actually behind the Kirkland name? Here are some of those brands revealed.

best kirkland brand items


We use a lot of deli meat and can go through it very quickly.  I was pleased with this thickly sliced turkey breast deli meat in the cooler section. It comes with 3 large sealed packages which helped it stay fresh. The price was extremely reasonable at $10.99. We all loved it and feel it tastes better than many of the other brands I was previously purchasing.

best kirkland brand chewy granalo bar items


Costco has so many incredible deals on individually packed items. I typically grab granola bars at a local discount store but the math on these granola bars is insanely good. You get 64 bars for $9.99  Kid-approved times four in our home, these will be a must-have grab every visit.

There are so many more Kirkland brands that are just waiting for my family to try.  Thank you, Costco for delivering on your store brand.

What are your favorites? We would love to hear. 

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