Organic Produce That Won’t Break the Budget at Costco

We know that when it comes to fruit and vegetables purchasing organic is the healthiest bet. For years I was picking and choosing items based on what cost would best fit our budget.

Now, shopping at Costco I love that the price is comparable to non organic in the regular grocery store.

I had no idea that Costco was stocked full of some of the best priced organic finds. They really have healthier alternatives for all families to enjoy.

Our family is large, so we have no problem buying large amounts of produce and having it not go to waste. If your family is a bit smaller, there are many ways you can keep produce fresh and then freeze it when it is about to go spoil.

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Here is what our Costco regularly carries in the organic produce section. Some items you will see come and go frequently depending on whether they are in season or not.


Strawberries are on the dirty dozen list ( worst pesticide covered fruits) so it is definitely recommended that you choose organic when possible. That is no problem at Costco when you can typically get a 4lb tub for under $8!

12 oz container for $5.99 is a great price.

You will love snacking on these Medjool Dates . 2 lbs for $9.99.


We were thrilled with the selection of apples at Costco. Apples really last a long time so buying large amounts is usually a safe bet. Costco has several varieties to choose from ranging in price $6.99-$12.99 up to 5.5 lb. bags.

If you are a BJ’s shopper too, check out the comparison of BJ’s Produce Price VS. Costco HERE.

If you have room to store these 10 lb. bags of carrots then you will be pleased with the $7.99 price tag. Or you can grab the mini snacking carrots which come in two separate bags each 32 oz for $5.99

Our Costco always has boxes and boxes stacked with bananas. They come in packed bags so you are getting approximately 3 lbs for a flat rate of $1.39!!!! WE eat a lot of bananas around here because they are incredibly inexpensive and full of nutrition.

Costco blueberries are SO flavorful. We intended for them to last the week but they were gobbled up in a few hours. You can get 18oz for $8.99

Organic celery sticks at Costco come in a sealed bag already trimmed of leaves and chopped nicely. You can get a 2.5 lb bag for $3.79.

1.5 bag for $4.99. This includes Baby Chard, Kale and Spinach.

I am SO in love with these broccoli floret bags! Having a large family I can plan to use these in lunch boxes during the week and plan for a few recipes throughout the week. It is quite a bit of broccoli so you do need to plan to use it up. $4.99 for 3 lbs.

I love the big containers of grapes. They usually have several varieties of grapes but only one or two that are organic. The Black Seedless Grapes are $9.99 for a 4 lb container.

This huge 2 lb bag for $4.99. What is not eaten fresh will freeze nicely.

You can grab these 1 lb baby spinach containers for $3.99 or you can grab the 2 lb bag for $4.99! Check out how I used the 2 lb bag for our family of six here.

BRRRRR isn’t that cooler area cold! You need to be quick in there to avoid needing a coat. The organic options at Costco are great and always coming in.

The best part about grabbing organic produce at Costco is the cost savings. Check your Costco and see what they offer and let us know what your favorites are?

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