9 New Breakfast Items You Need From Costco

Do you ever find yourself stumped for ideas for breakfast? Are you finding yourself whipping out the cereal bowls every day and wishing you could change it up a bit?

When my first son went off to school I placed high importance on cooking him up a deliciously balanced breakfast as much as I could. When my second son entered school and then my third, my mornings became more of a survival of the fittest then my picture-perfect ideas.

We have exactly 40 minutes from the time we wake our kids to the time the bus rolls down the street. The first 10 minutes is spent arguing about whether or not it really is time to get up and the rest is a scramble to cram everything in that needs to be done.

This year I have been extremely intentional about making meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Turns out when you’re intentional about anything, you can make a lot more happen with a little bit of planning.

When I think about breakfast, I try to do a mixture of choices. One week we might have bagels with cream cheese and cereal, and the next we might make egg burritos and oatmeal.

Today I am sharing 9 of my new favorite Costco finds that have filled in for breakfast in our home.


These are over in the cooler section so they actually taste really fresh. They are loaded with cheese, potatoes, green chilis, sausage, and eggs. Yes, we often do make our own homemade burritos but having these on hand gives me relief when the morning is not going exactly as planned. You get 6 in a package for $8.99.


Cuisine Solutions Sous-Vide Egg bites are made with three kinds of cheese and turkey sausage. They are found in the cooler section and heat up quickly in the microwave. These are so simple that my boys can easily heat them up themselves, making the mornings just a little less stressful. Each box has 21 egg bites for $11.99


These organic brown free-range eggs are delicious. A 24 count package is $5.99. There are a million ways to make eggs. Some of our favorites would be scrambled or over easy for a quick weekday morning. Now that I can buy eggs in bulk, I always have enough to use during the week.


The day I discovered the Krusteaz pancake mix was a great one. The mix calls to just add water, making mornings so simple. The pancakes are light and fluffy. This bag is enormous and will make you hundreds of pancakes for $6.49.


If I am making up eggs or pancakes I will typically microwave up some of these fully cooked pork sausage links. A 3.5 lb bag lasts a pretty long time for $10.99.

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Ok, so this is straight-up convenience. Sometimes you just need to let the kids pop these in the toaster and be on their way. I love that I can get this big box of 72 for $9.99.


Costco always has such fun finds. These Blueberry Oat Muffins are in the freezer section. You can pull out what you want and warm them in the microwave. They taste amazing and are filled with zucchini and carrots. 20 muffins are $12.69


These make a quick filling complete breakfast. Definitely, a warehouse deal getting a box of 12 for $11.29.


I grabbed this yogurt to try because of the higher protein content. Oikos Triple Zero has 15 g of protein per serving. This box of 18 comes with vanilla, strawberry and mixed berry flavors. Yogurt is a great breakfast option and Costco has quite a few varieties to choose from.

A huge thank you to Costco for bringing our family some fresh breakfast options. Stopping at Costco bi-weekly makes it perfect to keep a few of these in our breakfast rotation.

What am I missing? I would love to hear what your favorite go-to breakfast choices are below?


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