7 Reasons You Need a Costco Membership in 2020 & 3 You Don’t

Costco. So much power in the name right? I had no idea what this Costco craze was all about until my third trip in. After that I was hooked. I fell in love hard. I now need a Costco membership in my life.

And since I’ve been brought onto this blogging path, I did what Costco lovers wish they could do- started a Costco blog! If you love Facebook join our brand new Costco group here with over 4k members!

Shopping Costco is a ton of fun and if you are wanting to save money, you can certainly do that by shopping at the club. You can read our top tips for saving money when you shop at Costco here.

Let’s start off by looking at 7 Reasons You Need a Costco Membership This Year


Reasons you need a costco membership

I thought BJ’s was the only warehouse club to blow me away with clearance. The apparel clearance prices are amazing. Even without a clearance price Costco’s clothing section is so much lower than any other retailer.

It’s like thrift store prices. No joke.

You can see some of my clearance I’ve found here. You will easily earn your money back by shopping clothing for your entire family at Costco.

It doesn’t stop with apparel, there are clearance items throughout the entire store. This includes, grocery, household and more.

Costco Sale Prices- NO Coupons

If you hate clipping coupon and wondering if there was a coupon for an item, Costco is for you. The booklets that get mailed to your home are all instant savings. The price tags in the club always show the sale price.

I love that I can shop around Costco and know the exact price of everything right there. Sure, at BJs you can use the app, but that takes too much time. The sale prices at Costco are worth waiting for too. You easily save $3-$4 on every item when on sale.

Costco Membership Deal

The good news is there is a current deal for a Costco membership. You will pay the normal price per year ( $55 or $4.58 per month) but with the membership options you will get a Costco Shop Card. Costco membership deals are few and far between, unlike it’s competitor BJ’s who offers a very affordable $25 deal here.

Super Cheap Kirkland Brand

Reasons you need a costco membership

The Costco brand is gold. When you hear Kirkland items, it is almost always a hit. The Kirkland brand is known by people who don’t even have a Costco membership. Not only is it great quality, it’s CHEAP! I love the option of Kirkland brand for almost every item our family needs.

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Lots of Locations

I’ve been a BJs shopper longer than a Costco member and I’ve noticed BJ’s is limited in the US. When you look at Costco, it’s all over the world with 782 clubs. The number of locations may make getting a membership a no brainer for you. Especially since you can shop from store to store and check out each one’s clearance items.

Great Selection of Healthier Items

My best friend helps me on this blog and she recently got her family of six a membership. We both giggle when we go to Costco and want something unhealthy.

Why? Because Costco is filled with healthier items at a lower price. It’s the place to go when you want to have a fresh start to healthier options. We compiled.

Check out our roundup of 23 Healthy snacks to grab at Costco here.

The Food Court!

Reasons you need a costco membership

If you have kids this makes a chore fun. You won’t break the bank by taking the kids out for a HUGE slice of pizza and a drink for $1.50. We love the Costco food court and think you will too.

Check out Taylor’s review on the food court at his Costco in Pittsburgh here.

This is only a handful of reasons I think you should give Costco a try this year.

Now let’s flip it and find out if you should not join Costco this year. Here are 3 reasons to not join.

You Struggle with a Budget

This is not a joke friends. Something happens when you are in the middle of Costco and you see all these cheap prices. You go overboard. If you live really close to a Costco, brace yourself.

When you go in weekly it could cause serious damage to your budget. If you know you can stick to a budget or you only shop monthly, then you’re okay. Otherwise give serious thought to a high of pocket cost each time you go to Costco.


When you start buying a box of granola bars, cereal, chips, and fruits and veggies it fills up quickly. Everything is much bigger at Costco. If you have limited space, it may not be the best option for you as far as strictly grocery shopping.

You Can’t Price Match

If you love price Matching at places like Target, to online pricing, this isn’t an option with Costco.

You Love a Huge Selection

Of course most of the items at Costco are HUGE, but the selection is limited. It is constantly changing buy you will only find a few options for most items. For example with cereal, it’s nothing like a regular grocery store. You have a handful of options. Same with crackers and chips. If a big selection is important you may want to skip out.

Let me know what you love or hate about Costco?

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