5 Family Meals To Make From Costco

This week when I sat down to plan dinner I knew that I needed to keep things really simple. Some weeks are just like that right? You take a look at the schedule and you realize that you have to make sure meal prep is quick and easy. This week I’m sharing with you family meals that are easy to make from Costco.

After a quick look in the pantry I knew that I needed to head to Costco to stock up on school lunch items. Since I was heading there already, I planned the weeks menu off things I knew Costco would have.

Typically when I am thinking about the week of meals, I plan for 5 complete dinners and leave room for leftovers. I am planning for feeding my family of six. These are the five meals I whipped up over a week from one shopping trip to Costco.


When I announced that it was  spaghetti night I got a resounding thumbs up. It is something that my entire family enjoys and is so simple to make. You need noodles, sauce and a protein. I decided to try the Italian meatballs which were delicious and we will have plenty left over for another 1-2 meals.

Have you tried this garlic bread? I found it hanging out over by the cooler section on an end aisle. We heated it up in the oven and it was actually really good.

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  • Carmella’s Marinara Sauce $8.99 ( 2 jars)
  • Noodles $ 8.99
  • Meatballs $16.99
  • Garlic Bread $6.99


Chicken noodle soup is one of our family favorites as well. A batch makes tons of food. We were able to eat leftovers for lunch for days. I wasted no time cooking my own chicken when I could grab a rotisserie chicken for such a good price.

Costco has a great chicken broth and all the typical vegetables for soup.  We used carrots and celery. Normally egg noodles are my choice for soup, but our Costco does not carry them. We tried these noodles and they worked fine!

  • Chicken $4.99
  • Broth $11.49 ( 6 boxes)
  • Carrots $7.99
  • Celery $5.49
  • Noodles $8.99 ( 6 bags)


Your shopping in bulk at Costco so of course you have vegetables left over from your soup. I decided to make up one of these beef roasts in the crock pot. By the end of the day it was ready to eat and I served it with these ready to eat mashed potatoes.

  • Roast $5.49 lb ( Comes with two roasts in a package)
  • Mashed Potatoes $6.89


When I get that stir fry going, the house smells so good. I cut up a ton of sausage for this because my kids avoid the vegetables. We decided to try this Vegetable Yakisoba which is a Japanese style stir fried noodles with vegetables and sauce.  Tossed in the sausage and it was done fast.

  • Sausage $4.59
  • Yakisoba $12.99
family meals at costco


There are so many options when it comes to homemade pizza and we like to switch it up frequently. Sometimes I make my own dough and buy pizza sauce, and other times I buy the crust and make my own sauce.

This time around I decided to try this Molinaro’s Cauliflower Pizza Kit because it seemed easy and a timer saver for our busy week. I always buy mozzarella cheese in bulk as well at Costco.

If you want to see a review Tasia did on Molinaro’s pizza with a video of her kids eating it go here.

  • Crust $8.99
  • Mozzarella Cheese $12.99

There you go, five meals for our week. We ended up taking some of that leftover beef roast and eating as sandwiches and going out to eat for the 7th night in our week. If you need more meal ideas from Costco check out my post here where I include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Looking at the groceries I was able to grab in bulk at Costco, I feel really good about my shopping spree. I have a roast and meatballs left over in the freezer and plenty of noodles and chicken broth to use up on a future menu plan.

If you need help getting started with meal planning check out our FREE Meal Planning printables here.

Not every week needs to be filled with simple and quick meals, but this week it allowed me to breath. Thankful to Costco for keeping things pretty stress free.

How are you keeping your meals simple this week?

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