Costco Easter Dresses for 2020

My daughter Patience is certainly my little shopping buddy. We go everywhere together and that means Costco hauls are a part of our routine frequently. Costco Easter Dresses are affordable under $20.

While having a little freedom from the cart, she spotted pink, purples and sparkles. Costco has some beautiful Easter dresses all marked $17.99!

My husband was taking Patience to a daddy & daughter dance the next weekend. We needed a dress and were having a difficult time finding one that was under $20.00. Patience’s eyes lit up when she saw this pink dress. It will be perfect for Easter in April as well.

Costco had sizes 2T-girls through size 10 at my store. In early February there were TONS in stock. The displayed allowed you to see them all next to one another.

Here are some closer looks.

There were six styles to choose from and they were all gorgeous. The way this dress fits my daughter I really feel she may be able to wear it next year as well.

For $17.99 these dresses were made really well and were comfortable. I was worried about scratchy or cheap material but we had no issues.

Hurry to your Costco soon before they sell out!

Let us know if you grab your Easter Dresses from Costco?

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costco easter dresses 2020


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