All Your Costco Summer Fun Essentials

At the end of February in Wisconsin, we are itching for spring. Consistent warm weather may be months away but we know that it will come. The weather can go from the negatives to 50 degrees in 24 hours.

I remember when my son was born in March 2013, I was stuck in the hospital with the rest of my family visiting in shorts and flip flops! Most years March brings average temperatures of 30 degrees and a few winter storms.

While the winter weather brings tons of different outside fun, I personally love Wisconsin summers because the weather is absolutely gorgeous. We are surrounded by freshwater lakes, state parks, and endless outdoor activities.

As soon as Christmas clearance is cleared away, we start to see stores bringing out summer items. Visiting Costco in late February, you can find fully stocked shelves full of summer items, leaving you dreaming of all your plans ahead.

Below you will see the Costco summer essentials to add to your cart this season.


costco summer needs

I could not believe they had several kayaks and paddleboards right in the warehouse. These are really nice and comparable pricing to many of the sports shops around. Paddleboarding is a BLAST if you have never tried it.


costco summer needs

A quality cooler is a must for families that travel or camp in the summer. I used to think that any cooler would do.

I learned my lesson on a camping trip that needed replacement bags of ice constantly. IGLOO is a great brand and Costco has several sizes, brands, and styles to choose from.


costco summer needs
costco summer needs

A basketball hoop for $299 and Spalding basketballs for $19.99. Our kids do not play basketball competitively but they can spend hours outside shooting hoops.


costco summer needs

I once spent an entire month searching for a playhouse for our young boys that was just like this. Typically priced at over $400 I was impressed when I saw this playhouse.

It has a cute little picnic table that I can see young kids using their imagination with. Costco also has a wood playset available in the warehouse and several options available on

Did you know you can get a Costco shop card when you sign up for a Costco membership?


costco summer needs

These beach towels are only $9.99. They are quite large, soft and fun colors. With this price, I feel you can get rid of old towels and replace them with these unique new ones.

costco summer needs

We LOVE going to the beach. To spend hours in the sun, I always need a sun umbrella. They are great to protect kids from constant rays as well. We have one just like this that is easy to carry with the bag. Costco’s price is $24.99.


costco summer needs

More Costco Tips:

costco summer needs
costco summer needs
costco summer needs

My dad and stepmom just moved to a house on the lake. We have been talking about life jackets, extra swimsuits, swim goggles and of course tons of floaties to stock up the boathouse.

Supplying for our entire family, it is important that we can find great prices on things we know we are going to need.


costco summer needs

I had no clue that Costco would have such nice sunglasses. These are not sunglasses you will find on a rack. These Eddie Bauer Polarized Sunglasses are $29.99 and have great protection and visibility.

Camping friends, Costco has you covered as well. Our Costco had tons of tents, hammocks, backpacks, and gear to get you all set up for hiking and backpacking.

We love to get outside and go on adventures as much as possible during the warmer months. If you have never been to Wisconsin, we are a great state to visit in June, July and August. Bring the family and rent a house on the lake, and get set up to explore the outdoors.

Costco has some of our favorite summer fun covered. What is your favorite summer activity?

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