The Top Costco School Supplies for Virtual Learning

If you choose to participate in virtual learning or homeschooling this year, Costco has you covered with unique school supplies.

While it can feel a little intimidating, one thing is for sure- Costco won’t let you down. This big box store will help you get every extra item you may need for virtual learning success.

Want to see what I picked up for my kids for this year’s school year? Here are my virtual learning must-haves from Costco…

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school supplies for virtual learning

3-Book Sticker Art Puzzle Bundle


If you are looking at having multiple kids at home in different grades, there will be times where one kid needs attention while the others play independently.

One of my plans for a successful school year in virtual learning is always to keep other activities around to entertain your other kids. 

I love this pack of 3 books filled with different quiet activities from Costco. There are more than enough activities in these three books to entertain your kids for hours, and they come in super fun themes like Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and even Bob Ross!

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costco school supplies for virtual learning

Magnetic Dry Erase Board


Something that I know will come in handy this next year for virtual learning will be a whiteboard. My kids are younger and learning how to read, so they often need me to remind them what a letter or number looks like during an activity.

This past spring, I wished I had a whiteboard almost every day! SO when they announced that we would continue into the fall with virtual learning, I headed straight to Costco and grabbed this dry erase board. 

This dry erase board is a perfect size and a great price for something we will use almost every day. Not to mention the amount of stress that this thing reduces! 

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costco school supplies for virtual learning

Macey Table with 4 chairs


Kids work better in their own space designed for them, especially when they are asked to do school in a completely different way this year.

This table and chair set is designed for smaller kids and can help make learning feel special, even when learning virtual for the fall. 

Plus, this table and chair are made of metal to be sturdy and will match the rest of your home decor. Soon your kids will be begging to do everything at this table and chair set- it’s worth the investment!

More Costco Goodies to See:

costco school supplies for virtual learning

Art 101 143 Piece All Media Artist Set with Wood Case


If I learned anything about virtual learning this past spring, it’s that you need to have supplies on hand and ready to whip out at a moment’s notice!

This is why I picked up this super awesome artist kit for my oldest daughter. This kit has every sort of medium that any class project may require. 

My personal experience with these kits is that the art supplies inside aren’t the best quality, but- as we have mentioned on this blog before- low quality is hardly ever the case with Costco!

Despite the great quality, my favorite part has to be the wooden case. It stores all of the supplies so easily that whenever my kids need art supplies, I can just ask, “where’s your kit?” 

Anything to simplify school in 2020- am I right?

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costco school supplies for virtual learning

Jetson Saturn 3 Wheel Light-up Folding Scooter

When they announced that school would be virtual this fall, I had one thought go through my mind- what about their energy? How was I supposed to keep my kids active and burn all of that never-ending kid energy? No P.E., no recess… it’s rough.

That’s where I need to plan and get ready for lots and lots of walks around the neighborhood.

To keep these walks fun and lighthearted, I ordered this awesome Jetson Saturn Folding Scooter to help my kids go on the long walks without complaining. I picked it up from Costco next week, and I am not sure who is more excited. 

The best part? It’s foldable so that it won’t take up too much room in my garage or the trunk of my car.  

Let us know what items you are picking up at Costco for virtual learning this year below?


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