Epic Desserts You Can Buy at Costco

No matter the time of year, there always seems to be a reason to bring a dessert to an event. However, since we all don’t necessarily have time to make a dessert from scratch, sometimes you need to pick something up that is quick and you know will be delicious. 

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it- go to Costco. 

Costco uses the best ingredients to make desserts that always taste fresh and make any get-together even better. 

Between their bakery and what they offer around the store, you are bound to find the best dessert for any gathering.

Between the holidays, birthdays, and every other sort of celebration that this year will bring, you might as well bookmark this article because I know that you will be back time and time again for the best store-bought desserts from Costco. 

Curious about what made a list? Check it out below!

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desserts you can buy at costco- davids cake

Davids Rainbow Cake

I am 100% ordering this Rainbow Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday next month for those of you who are curious. She is obsessed with all things rainbow and unicorns, so all I will need to do is place a plastic unicorn on the top, and boom- I have become the best mom ever!

Just look at the colors! How could you not want a cake like this? It’s so bright and happy. Plus, I know it will taste amazing because it’s a Costco creation. I am so excited!

cheesecake cake at costco


If you haven’t had a cheesecake from Costco, you need to leave. Like right now. It is life-changing. And huge, so everyone will get a slice no matter what event you are attending (maybe 2). This cheesecake doesn’t come with any toppings, so it is easy to personalize with fruit toppings or a message. 

This cheesecake is so good that if I buy one for an event later in the week, I usually end up having to buy 2 so that my family won’t touch that one!

pumpkin pie at costco


During the holiday season, most people come to Costco for their pies. They are delicious, gigantic, and inexpensive. They even come in a variety of flavors like apple, pumpkin, and peach. 

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chicken pot pie at Costco

Don’t miss the gigantic Chicken Potpie as shown above, either.

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There is just something about these pies; they are one of the most popular items around the holidays and are often sold out!

Brownie Bites

This package of brownie bites comes with 32 individually packaged brownies that are- I am not exaggerating- the most delicious and moist brownies. It’s unbelievable how fresh they taste!

I like to grab these and surprise my kids at school lunches to pair with other kids’ snacks with Costco

With no preservatives and the perfect size, these brownie bites will be gone before you know it. 

Madeline Cookies

When I worked my corporate job 5 years ago, I had no idea what these cookies were. However, I did know that whenever someone brought one of these Costco containers of Madeline Cookies to the office, they were gone within a few minutes. So I had to try them! Boy, was I missing out. 

These Madeline cookies are sweet, light, and pair perfectly with a warm cup of coffee. So if you need a simple dessert to place out that is a guaranteed hit, try these cookies out!

Raspberry Crumble Cookies

These raspberry-flavored cookies are out of this world amazing. They have the sweetness that you would expect from a cookie that pairs so well with the tartness that raspberries provide. 

This is the perfect crumble cookie to set out for an afternoon tea party or snack on while catching up with a few girlfriends

Carmel Tres Leches Cake

This cake is so sweet and delicious. The bonus is that you are getting Costco quality for super cheap- less than $10! It is one of those rich foods that doesn’t take a big piece to satisfy your cravings. 

Double Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Buy these- trust me!

Costco takes the traditional chocolate chip cookie and makes it better. True to Costco style, they take great quality ingredients, double the chocolate, and create the perfect pre-made dessert.

The cookies are smaller than your traditional cookies, but that means more for you, right? 

Grab a cup of hot coffee or cocoa and enjoy with a few of these yummy double mini chocolate chip cookies. 

Costco Cookies

If eating a smaller cookie isn’t quite your style, you can always grab cookies the size of your entire hand (practically) in bulk!

Each case holds between 24-48 cookies in various flavors so that all of your guests are happy. My favorite case holds the essential chocolate chip cookie, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookie combo. 

Sheet Cakes

Yes- of course! You cannot create a list of Costco’s best pre-made desserts without mentioning the famous Costco Sheet Cake. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also easy to customize into whatever you are celebrating. If you can give proper notice, Costco can help you celebrate any birthday, baby shower, or wedding in style!

Pair a sheet cake with the Costco At-Home Pizza Making Kit, and you are all set for a great birthday party!

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In Summary

It is always a good idea to head to Costco when you need dessert. For any occasion, Costco will make sure that you are prepared with the right cake, cookie, pie, or any other dessert. Of course, since it is from Costco, the bonus is that you know that it will be the best purchase! 


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