Last Minute Gift Ideas From Costco

Costco has the best last minute gifts for everyone on your list. Not only does this big box store carry the most trendy, desired items of the season, they do it in a way that makes it as convenient for you as possible. 

No matter who you need a present for, Costco has what they want. Even better, the quality is there with a price that can fit any budget. Whether it is your mother in law, your dog walker, your neighbors personal trainer (you get the point), Costco has what they want. 

No matter how good of a planner you are, there are always last minute gifts that need to be purchased. I don’t know how or why, but it’s some sort of Christmas law, I guess.

When that happens this year, however, you will be prepared with this list of last minute gift ideas from Costco. 

Keep scrolling to see what I deemed the best last minute gifts from Costco! 


last minute gift ideas from costco


Costco has some of the best clothes around- and for the best deals. Why not check out the clothing section and find that extra cozy sweater for your Aunt or a new winter coat for your nephew?

These quality clothes will make the perfect gift this holiday season. 

last minute gift ideas from costco


True story- a few weeks ago we went to an in-person interview to rent a new home and I had the same shoes on as the woman making the final call. Where did we grab them from? You guessed it- Costco! 

Costco is my favorite big box store for a reason- they carry great products, including the shoes that they offer. No matter the size, you will be able to find the best shoes for anyone on your gift list this Christmas. 

Gift Cards

I don’t know why, but I always forget the amazing deals that Costco has with their gift cards! Since you buy them in bulk, many of the deals help you save money in the long run. 

If you have to buy for several people, grabbing a packet of gift cards from Costco is going to be your best bet. From movie theaters to restaurants to build a bear workshop, you can surprise anyone on your list!

Kopari Gift Set

Costco carries a lot of wonderful gift sets for everyone on your list, but this Kopari Gift Set takes the cake.

This all natural brand has somehow cracked the code on removing harsh chemicals from their skin care line to keep their customers as clean as possible without sacrificing on results. 

Show your love to some of your favorite people this year with this great gift set while keeping their skin soft all winter long. 

Check out one of our FAVORITE Skincare lines at Costco with a complete review here.( And it won’t break the bank!)

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I have purchased a bluetooth speaker for countless people on my list each Christmas and- no matter what- they always love it. 

If you think about it, anyone can find the perfect use for one of these speakers that so easily connect with your phone or computer.

Whether it’s to use while they are working out, to bake some cookies, or sit in the backyard with some friends, everyone can find a use for this gift. 

Did you see our favorite Baking items to buy at Costco this year here?

Air Fryer

If you were to look up the phrase ‘top Christmas gifts this year’, there is no doubt in my mind that an air fryer would be at the top of every list.

This wonderful appliance is the perfect last minute gift because it’s so popular and the perfect gift for any healthy new year’s resolutions. 

The air fryer can cook just about anything- from chicken to vegetables to desserts! An air fryer like this one at Costco will cook your food so that it tastes delicious and stays healthy.   

Not sure if you should go with an air fryer or a Ninja Foodi? Check out our review on our sister site here.

Rabbit Electric Wine Opener

This last minute gift is the kind that I will be grabbing a few of. Normally, a Rabbit Electric Wine Opener can cost a lot of money, but Costco was able to work their magic and reduce the cost so that almost everyone on my list will be getting this wine opening kit from me this year. 

When I say that everyone will be getting one this year, I am including my husband in this. Why? Because I want one for my kitchen as well. 

To see more of the BEST Kitchen Gadgets to snatch up at Costco tap here.

Duracell LED Flashlight Kit

This Duracell LED Flashlight Kit made this list of last minute gifts only because we received it last year from a friend and we still talk about it.

Since the kit comes with 3 flashlights, we put one in each car and we keep the third in our junk drawer for when the power goes out. 

This kit is one of those things that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but is SO nice when you get it. These flashlights are made with stainless steel so they are durable and the LED light makes it easy to see in emergencies.  

Portable Charging Kit

Everyone and their grandma needs one of these charging kits, making it the perfect gift this holiday season. They can keep it in their car, backpack, or purse and be able to charge their phone in any situation. 

True to Costco Style, this portable charging kit charges your electronics super fast so that you are able to carry on with your day and not worry about a dead battery. 

Costco Membership

avoid overspending at costco

If your friend or family haven’t tried out your favorite place to shop, now is the time to grab them a Costco Membership. You can pick it up in club and they can activate it at their nearest Costco.

You can snatch one up here and they would get a $10 Costco Shop Card with it when you sign up online here. You would need to put in their name and address and they would get their Costco cards at their nearest location.

In Conclusion to Last Minute Gift Ideas from Costco

There are countless reasons to shop at Costco during the holiday season. From their amazing desserts to their amazing gifts for everyone on your list, there are countless reasons to head there! 


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