5 Family Freezer Meals From Costco

Keeping freezer meals in your kitchen is something that every adult should do. This is especially true for moms looking for the occasional quick meal after a hectic day. 

Whether you are homeschooling, working full time, or both, any experienced Mom knows the power of a quick, hearty meal. That’s why whenever I go to Costco, I grab these 5 meals to have on hand when I don’t have the bandwidth (emotionally or physically) to cook more food. 

These 5 meals from Costco are cost efficient and taste great. Even better? They all require very little work from you- YAY!

Curious about my favorite freezer meals from Costco? Keep Reading…

costco beef lasagna

Kirkland Signature Brand Meat Lasagna

The Kirkland Signature Brand Meat Lasagna is the best frozen lasagna. Period. 

The ingredients, the quality of food- this meal is just one of those things that your family needs to experience. If you haven’t had the time to run out and try this meal, please do. Your family will praise you for the wonderful meal and it’s so easy to cook (just throw it in the oven for a few hours) that it is great for after a 12 hour workday.  

Aside from the amazing taste, the Kirkland SIgnature Lasagna is under $10 and it comes with 2 pans of lasagna! That means you will have more than one meal covered. 

Garlic Chicken

Have you ever made this Garlic Chicken from Birds Eye? You can find it in most stores (it’s that popular), but only Costco has it for that price. It comes in a HUGE bag, so you have enough for a few meals, and all you have to do is thaw it in a pan. That’s right, this garlic chicken makes fewer dirty dishes too. 

Not to mention that this meal is delicious. Any picker eater will inhale this meal! 

Did you see these Costco Hacks?

Vegetable Yakisoba

This Vegetable Yakisoba is a japanese style stir fried noodles with crisp vegetables. The box comes with 6 individual bags that you can steam over the stove. Add the included sauce and you will have a meal that you and your family will be craving for weeks! 

It can be hard to find delicious frozen meals that are vegetarian, so when I found this meal at Costco I was over the moon! If you are looking for other meat free foods from Costco, you can check out this article here. 

Bean, Rice, and Cheese Burritos

If you have young kids and need a quick meal, then look no further than the bean, rice, and cheese burritos by Lilly B’s! These organic burritos are the ideal meal for anyone looking for a quick, filling meal. 

I try to make it possible for my kids to prepare at least one meal on their own a day. Usually, it is a PB&J or some yogurt at breakfast, but I am always looking for new ideas. These Burritos are exactly what I was looking for! After taking them out of the freezer, all they need to do is pop them in the microwave.

This will help my kids become more independent and remove another meal that I have to cook. Thats a big win!

Vegetable Barley Soup

Okay, any soup from the Costco deli is pretty good, in my opinion. I always try to grab a few tubs to freeze for when someone is sick or the day is just so cold that you need some soup (you know what I mean- some days are just like that!). 

When it comes to the Kirkland Signature Vegetable Barley Soup, however, this is one you HAVE to buy. The flavor is so great and it’s a great way of adding in a lot of vegetables into your family’s diet. 

Whenever I see this Vegetable Barley soup at Costco, I grab a minimum of 4 tubs to freeze because I know it is always a hit with my kids. 

In Summary to Freezer Meals that are Family Favorites from Costco

Having some extra meals in the freezer that you can cook quickly is a must for families. Some days are just busy and they require a meal that is easy to prepare. These meals from Costco are almost always in my freezer, ready to cook after a busy work day or a day where everyone’s attitudes are just plain grouchy. 

These meals will turn things around and make your life easier- trust me!


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