12 Best Back to School Items at Costco

Are you looking for the most important items for the upcoming school year? Check out our 12 Best Back to School Items at Costco. Costco has everything you need, whether it’s Notebooks, Pencils, Snacks, Masks, or Sanitizers. School is starting up at the end of August here in Texas. Are you prepared? Have you started a list?

If you aren’t shopping at Costco for Back to School items, you will definitely want to shop for snacks- we have a list of snacks for under $10 here and family meals!

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Essential Back To School Deals at Costco

Be on the lookout for clearance items that have .97¢ or an asterisk. The asterisk denotes the item is discontinued, so you’ll likely find it less at Costco with these two tips. Also, keep in mind that you can shop online for Costco items, but they generally price lower in-store. Shipping is often included online, but that’s often why it’s less in-store. While not a deal-breaker for most, it is generally more cost-effective for those who live within proximity to a Costco Warehouse.

12 Best Back To School Items at Costco

  1. Backpacks: Select brands like High Sierra for $14.97 ( notice the star and .97¢ ) and Puma for $20. These often get high ratings and generally do the job for most students. Backpacks are one of the first things you’ll often find yourself looking for. I would suggest starting here. Costco has some for as low as $15 to upwards of $70. Generally storage for a laptop, notebooks, writing utensils and lunch is often sufficient.

2. Writing Supplies: Brands like Bic, Sharpie, Pentel, and Expo are all available at Costco. Generally for nice bulk sets at great prices. 25 count sharpies for as low as $8.49 or even all All-In-One variety packs with various brands mentioned for just $7.99. Sharpies, Expos, Pens, and Pencils are a must at Costco.

3. Notebooks: A crucial item to ensure you have somewhere to take notes. Composition, 3 Subject, Sticky notes, Whiteboards, and more are all great buys at Costco. Generally, not many are available online, but it’s always a good idea to see what they have in the club. When you get a few for only $2 a pop, it’s a nice deal; they currently carry Mead and Moleskins for great prices.

If you are shopping for supplies check out the Costco Back to School All in One Bundle in-store or online here on sale until 8/8/21!

4. Scissors: Whether it’s crafts or even cutting or cutting loose threads from clothes, Costco has great prices on Scissors. They have a 3M Scotch Precision set for $8 currently. This makes each scissor only $2.83. Grab them online or in-store.

5. Chromebooks: The most affordable school laptops are available at Costco. Brands like Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and HP have great Chromebooks that suit most students. While some schools need windows for certain software requirements, Chromebooks are perfect for emails, notes, internet research, and basic things like YouTube.
The most affordable one on Costco’s website is the Acer 11″ for $199.99.

6. Underwear & Socks: Whether we outgrow them, misplace them, or the infamous myth of the washing machine eating them. Kids always need new Underwear & Socks. Costco is fantastic for finding bulk deals on select underwear and sock brands. Calvin Klein, 32 Degrees, Adidas, Kirkland, and Champion, are all available online. But you can also check in-store for more deals.

7. Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is always important. Ensuring the Kids have their own bottles cuts plastic waste and prevents them from buying sodas and sugary beverages that don’t really cut for a long day of education. Costco generally has great deals on Water Bottle Bundles like this Thermoflask 16oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle Set for $19.99 or $10 each.

8. Instant Pots & Air Fryers: These are a super safe bet for any hungry kids. Quickly fry up some Chicken Nuggets or Cheese Sticks at home. You can leave things in the Instant Pot, set the timer, and come back to a ready-to-eat meal. These are fantastic time-savers and money savers for when you have hungry mouths to feed. Costco has the new Emeril Lagasse Air Fryers and also the Instant Pot 6qt in Stock.

9. Printers: Ensure you have what you need to print important paperwork for the office or school. Costco has great deals on printers, plus you benefit from their warranty program if anything goes wrong. Grab this DeskJet Plus 4158e for $99.99 online. Remember, if Costco has the product in-store, it’s often less.

10. Tupperware & Bento Boxes: Keep their food and snacks stored safely and securely for great prices at Costco. Brands from Snapware, Rubbermaid, and Ziploc. Many brands use silicone and BPA-free plastics as alternatives to classic Ziploc bags in a lunch bag. Grab 3 bento boxes for $44 or a Snap ware 38 piece storage set for $24.99.

11. Jackets and Hoodies: Whether it’s cold in the classroom or cold outside. Jackets and Hoodies are great investments for the school season. Costco often has fantastic deals on clothing in-store. Grab this Eddie Bauer 3 In 1 Jacket for $21.99 online or this Spider-Man reversible Hoodie for $21.99.

12. Airpods and Headphones: Music for the bus or after school is essential! Make sure they have a pair of headphones for music or hands-free conversations. Apple AirPods are $119 at Costco on sale. They have other headphones like Beats, Sony, or Samsung as well.

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