Costco Limiting Toilet Paper Again

When times get tough, buy more Toilet Paper. In order to reduce demand and waste, Costco is limiting Toilet Paper again. Many have purchased Bidets after going through this various times last year. Our members also noticed that Costco has thicker but less rolls in each Kirkland brand Toilet Paper package. Some reported this is in effect because of Supply Chain issues where Costco manufactures their Paper products.

In some ways, looking back at March of last year. I don’t mind people buying up things they need to feel safe and provide for themselves at home. Buying Toilet Paper isn’t a means of excessive bathroom use, its a means of reducing your trips out.

Along with Toilet Paper, here are a list of items with limited quantities that recently took effect at Costco.

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper 30ct $19.99

Limited to 1 per customer. Alternatively, you can grab a non electric Bidet for $39.99. We did this last year as a just in case. Its been great and stays out of the way. If this is a must have, try arriving in the morning as they will sell out by noon. This also includes a limit on Charmin Ultra and Charmin Red ( Which you’ll notice is out of stock online already )

Kirkland Signature Paper Towels 12ct $19.99

Costco announced that stores are starting to place a 1 unit limit on Kirkland Paper Towels. If you prefer these Paper Towels keep in mind the quantity limit. These can also be ordered online with a $3 delivery fee before $75 is met. This also includes Bounty Paper Towels, which I prefer over the Kirkland Signature brand. Bounty Printed Paper Towels are limited to 2, and Bounty Advanced is limited to 1.

Kirkland Signature Diapers $23.99

While this may be a temporary limited quantity restriction, Kirkland Diapers are limited to 2 per person. This is worth noting as many are ordering must haves online. Includes up to 192 diapers per box. Sizes 1-2 and 3-6 are available online. This limit may or may not be lifted after August, 29th, 2021.

Kirkland Bottled Water 40ct Under $3.00

They don’t offer Bottled water online, and customers have reported a quantity limit of 1-2 per purchase. Some state this is not mainly because of the pandemic but Costco’s water supplier having issues. Some stores have different set limits in place. What are the odds their Water supplier and Paper supply chain is having issues?

Clorox Wipes / Disinfectant

While this may vary store to store, this was one of the items that was affected by last years purchase limit. It was always sold out within hours like the Toilet Paper. These Clorox Wipes have 18 packs and are limited to 1. This may lift after August 29th, 2021. But keep an eye on the stock of Clorox and Bleach at your local store.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
$16.99 online, may be less in-store. Limited to 1 per customer.

While some of these items may be more available, chances are the paper products will be in short supply. Often we trust the reasons why Costco makes the decisions they do to best suit their Customer base. Don’t panic, we’ve been conditioned to provide the best ways we know how. Now if only we can get them to bring the Supreme Pizza back at the Food Court.

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