Fuel Up on Savings with BJ’s Wholesale Club!

Who doesn’t love saving money? What if we told you that you could save on gas while shopping? Sounds too good to be true, right?

But now you can add on the savings with the latest fuel promo at BJ’s.

We’re thrilled to announce that BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a $0.50 per gallon gasoline discount when you make a $150 purchase in a single transaction.

And you can stack it with their regular fuel promotion called the Fuel Saver. This means DOUBLE gas savings and you can easily score $1 off a gallon of gas.

So, stop worrying about high gas prices and start filling your tanks with more savings!

How the Latest Fuel Promo at BJ’s Works

Here’s how the promotion works – make a Qualifying Purchase of $150 or more at BJ’s Wholesale Club in-store or via curbside pick-up order, and you’ll be eligible for a discount of $0.50 per gallon of gasoline at BJ’s Gas station on the same day.

The offer is valid from 26th December 2023 through 14th January 2024, so you’ve got plenty of time to take advantage of the savings. The maximum discount is capped at 40 gallons or $99, whichever comes first.

So, if you fuel up 30 gallons, you’ll receive a discount of $15; if you fill up more and buy some of the fuel-saver items, you’ll get a massive discount.

garden veggie straws

Deal Scenario

Picture this: you’re strolling through BJs, ready to shop ’til you drop as you gather your essentials – Babybel, Hint Flavored Water,  Apple Straws, Veggie Straws, and Wise Variety chips. – you know you’re in for some serious savings.

For every fuel-saver item you throw into your cart, you score a $0.10 discount on a gallon of gas. That adds up!

Now, pay attention because here’s where it gets good. You’re in for a real treat once you’ve hit the $150 mark.

You’ll be rewarded with a sweet $1 off every gallon of gas you pump. Just think about it: you could save a whopping $40 and pay only $93 for a full 40-gallon fill-up. Talk about driving in style without breaking the bank!

Grab your BJ’s coupons and get ready to stack some serious savings. Remember, the $150 spend requirement must be met AFTER all your discounts and coupons.

If you’re not already a BJ’s member, signing up is easy and affordable it’s only $20 for new members – and you’ll immediately have access to this gas savings promotion and many other exclusive members-only deals.

Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club has always been a great way to save money on everyday essentials, and now, you can save even more by combining your shopping with gas purchases. BJ’s Gas stations offer competitive prices compared to other gas stations, which means you’ll save more, even without the discount.

The best part is that you can use in-store and online promotions. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or want to use the BJ’s curbside pick-up option, you can enjoy the benefits of the promotion.

bj's wholesale club


Now let’s address the potential questions that you may have about this promotion. BJs members may be concerned about the discount cap, minimum fuel price, and the expiration of the earned discount.

The promotion has a cap of 40 gallons of gasoline or $99, whichever comes first. There is no minimum fuel price to qualify for the discount. The good news is that the discount can be used on the same day as the Qualifying Purchase.

Are you getting excited about the savings already? We knew we’d get you excited! BJ’s Wholesale Club’s latest promotion is a great way to save gas money while doing regular shopping.

With the promotion running for nearly three weeks, you’ll have more than enough time to take advantage of this offer and continue to save money on your everyday purchases.

We hope you go to BJ’s Wholesale Club to fill up, enjoy the discounts, and have an extra bounce in your step, knowing that you saved on your gas purchases. Happy Savings!


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