Here is a roundup of the latest Costco hot deals right now.

Vornado Vortex Heater and Fan $84.99

If you need a small solution to cooling and heating check out this Vornado Vortex Heater and Fan at Costco. This Heater Fan is $84.99 in-store. This isn’t available online, so check your local store. This has gotten great reviews. There is 2 heat settings, and it functions like furnaced …

Faux Wicker Basket with Handles $19.99

Being Discontinued
Looking for a nice wicker basket for Laundry or other storage options in the house? This Faux Wicker Basket with Handles is $19.99 at Costco. This is available in-store only. Its being discontinued so if you see it, grab it! Located this in Austin, Texas.    

Stanley Jr Mega Tool Set 21 pcs $21.99

In-store and Online
Have a little builder at home looking to help with the projects? This Stanley Jr Mega Tool Set has 21 tools to make that DIY a success. Includes a battery operated power drill, toolbox and other tools. This is also available online for $29.99 with free shipping.   Features: Designed …

J Adore Kids Activity Set $24.99

Tons of Holiday gift ideas are available at Costco. This Kids activity set has letters, animal blocks and a little car chute to play with. The other one has a shapes wheel, a letters flip board, and number spinner wheel. Its available in-store only for $24.99. Have you found any …

Enstrom Almond Toffee 37 oz $15.99

If you love chocolate and toffee don’t miss this Enstrom Almond Toffee available at Costco for the Holidays. This 37.5 oz tub is $15.99 in-store. This would be great for a gift or to snack on with seasonal coffee or hot chocolate as it gets colder.

12 Days of Coffee $12.99

Have you tried Haerfest Roasting Co Coffee? Now would be a fun time to try with this 12 Days of Coffee at Costco for $12.99. Currently Costco has an Advent Calendar for Wine, Beer, and now Coffee! It may not be the whole month, but 12 days is still fun! …

La Granda Galette Butter Cookies $9.49

In-store and Online
Looking for an easy Holiday snack? These La Grande Galette Butter Cookies are available at Costco for $9.49. French traditional butter cookies with Sea salt. These are available online as well but its a 6 pack which will cost you $69.99. Clearly the better deal to grab these in-store. Located …

Hot Chocolate Bom Bombs 20 ct $17.99

Celebrate the holidays with a tasty trend! This set of Hot Chocolate Bom Bombs at Costco for $17.99. This includes 20 Hot Chocolate Bombs with marshmallows inside. If you haven’t tried these with the kids, they will love them. They don’t sell these online, so be sure to check your …

Honey Baklava Set 35oz $9.99

Anyone a fan of Mediterranean Baklava? This delicious treat is available at Costco for just $9.99. This is available in-store only. This wont last long so if you’re looking to stock up, you can get 2 lbs for a great price.  

Christmas Beer Advent Calendars at Costco!

In club only
Are you looking for an adult-friendly advent calendar this year? Then, head over to your local Costco and look for the Christmas Brewer’s Beer Advent Calendar for 2021! It has a variety of German-style beers. Costco carries this item every year in time for the holiday season. You get 24 …

Kirkland Loc Maria Crepes $9.49

Let the Holiday snacking begin! These Kirkland Loc Maria Crepes are in-stock at Costco for $9.49. These are Biscuits with Belgian Chocolate in 2 different holiday themed boxes. Keep some for yourself or as a gift. This is about 20 oz per box. In-store only so grab them if you …

Safari Off Road RC Racer $19.99

Looking for a Mini RC for the Holidays? This one at Costco is a great price a young kid will have fun with. This Safari Off Road RC Racer is available for $19.99 in-store. This isnt available online, so check your local store. I found this at the Austin, Texas …

Batman E Cruiser Ride On Batmobile $99.99

In-store and Online
Do you have a little Batman at home? Surprise them with a great gift idea at Costco. This Batman E Cruiser Ride On Batmobile is $99.99 in-store. Or $109.99 online with free shipping. Goes forwards and backwards, 2.5 mph and a 6 volt rechargeable battery. Perfect for the little ones …

Hover Star UFO Toy $14.99

In-store and Online
Looking for a fun Motion Controlled UFO to play with? For $14.99 why not?  This Hover Star UFO Toy are controlled with your hand! Just toss into the air and it flies. We thought it would be fun to watch the dogs react to it.  Its available online with free …

Hasbro FurReal Tyler Tiger $69.99

Looking for a fun interactive Tiger for the kids? This Hasbro FurReal Tyler Tiger has over 100 sounds and motion combinations to keep your kids entertained. If you roar, he roars back.  He bows and his legs move to make it easy to hug and interact with him. Don’t pay …

LOL Surprise Big Baby Doll $32.99

In-Store ONLY
Looking for the ever popular brand LOL Surprise? Currently at Costco they have the LOL Surprise Big Baby Doll for $32.99. This is only available in-store so check your local club. This is the Queen Bee version, there is also an MC Swag version. The doll is 11 inches tall, …

J Adore Pop Up Tent and Storage bag $25.99

Expand on play time with this fun J Adore pop up Tent at Costco for $25.99. These are available in-store and include a couple different styles. They have a pink magical butterfly and blue stars in stock.  These are big enough for 2 kids for fun sleep overs or backyard …

Wood Dress Up Dolls 100pc Set $19.99

Create a fun playset with this Wood Dress Up Dolls Set with 100 pieces for $19.99 at Costco. This is available in-store only. Includes a storage tin and 6 wooden dolls with magnetic accessories to play with. Located in Austin, Texas. Great price compared to Walmart and Amazon that sell …

STMT Custom Jewelry Case 100pcs $19.99

In-store and Online
Have fun and design your own Jewelry with this STMT Custom Jewelry Case with over 100 pieces for $19.99 at Costco. This is available in-store or online for $26.99 with shipping included. Includes illustrated directions, weaving loom and multi purpose case. Includes 1 Plastic Carry Case – 2900 Round Faceted …

Disney Princess Frozen Wet Brushes $14.99

Detangle and brush hair with a fun design kids will love. This Disney Princess Frozen Wet Brush is  $14.99 in-store. Its not available online so check your local Costco. These are usually $18 at other retailers. Brush with less force for easy detangling. Includes a set of 5 Jelly bands …

Lego Friends Surfer Beachfront Set $54.99

In-Store Deal
More new Lego sets are now in stock at Costco. This Lego Friends Surfer Beachfront Set is in-store for $54.99. This set includes 685 piece, an open-top car, LEGO Friends Mia and Andrea, a micro-doll, plus dog, dolphin and turtle toys for kids. Located this in Austin, Texas. Be sure …