1 Year of Food for FOUR PEOPLE $4,999 at Costco

If you had the money would you do it? I mean really, this is a 1 year supply for up to four people of canned just add water Nutristore Premium 1 Year Supply FOOD PALLET!
I mean, a 25 year shelf life? I think this is a smart buy. Unless its like everything else at Costco, you buy in bulk and just eat more of them because they taste so good.

This is a real thing, and of course Costco has it. We were buying pallets of Toilet Paper so they thought this was the next move.
It’s a smarter buy anyway. What do you think?
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Nutristore Premium 4-Person 1 Year Food Supply Pallet

100% Vegetarian! Oh, Shipping and Handing is FREE!

nutristore premium 1 year food supply pallet


  • 1 year of food for 4 people
  • 13,000 plus total servings of food
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Just add water and cook
  • Up to 25 years sealed shelf life



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