Cascade LED Mini Lanterns 3pk $12.99

Get in-store for best price

Need a quick and convenient light for the backyard or camping trips? These Cascade LED Mini Lanterns come in a 3 pack at Costco for $12.99.
They are collapsible with 500 lumens of brightness. High, low, red flash and night light modes in each light. Originally $19.99.

Available in-store or online for $26.99. Includes Duracell batteries. Deal ends 8/20/21.

Cascade LED Mini Lanterns


  • Includes 3 Collapsible Multimode LED Lanterns
  • Ideal For Hanging In A Tent, Hiking, Emergencies and Power Outages
  • High, Low, Red Flash and Night Light Options
  • Extremely Lightweight and Easily Collapsible for Storage Fold Away Handles/Hanging Clip



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