Uber Partners with Costco in Texas

Texans! We’ve been selected to try the new Costco Same Day delivery pilot test to select markets across the state.

Uber is partnering with Costco to roll out same-day delivery with testing phases in Dallas, Houston, and Austin metro stores.

Sometimes, it’s hard for customers to get to Costco or manage the trip with their work schedules.

Many retailers supported more convenient ways to get grocery orders during the pandemic, but many still appreciate this shift.

Getting a Costco order within hours or minutes? Yes, please!

This is Uber’s first venture into the Supermarket space after gaining traction with Fast Food giants.

Keep in mind this isn’t Costco’s only delivery option, but it expands the choices already available to members.
They include the company‘s same-day grocery delivery via Instacart and free 2-day delivery on orders of $75 or more.

Get your Groceries by using the Uber and Uber Eats App.

They are planning on rolling it out to 7 more additional stores in the coming week.

Participating Costco stores offer same-day delivery via the apps if you purchase at least $35.


This is similar to them pairing up with Instacart to expand to more markets.

Costco hopes it’s more successful than their Curbside pickup, which fizzled out in a short time in New Mexico at the start of 2021.


“One thing we know to be true is that people across the United States are looking for convenient and affordable ways to stock their pantries without leaving home—especially for last-minute must-have items,” said Raj Beri, Uber’s Head of Grocery Delivery. “Today’s announcement with Costco is an important step towards marrying the magic of wholesale retail with on-demand delivery in the palm of your hand, and I’m thrilled that Texans are getting a first look at what’s to come.”

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