Dove Advanced Care Revive Deodorant 4 pk. $9.97 at Costco

In club only

Are your deodorant days feeling a bit dull? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Costco is totally slaying the deodorant game by stocking Dove advanced care revive four pack for only $9.97 – that’s under $2.50 a stick! You might have been living in stinktown before, but this stellar deal will make even perspiration-prone people smile from ear to ear.

dove deodorant on clearance at Costco


With this 4-pack at hand, there’ll be no more last minute dashes out of the house when you realize you’re all out – because now you’re sinkin’ sweet with one of the best (and most affordable!) antiperspirants around.

We spotted this at the Rochester, NY store. In club only.


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