Save $3.50 on Downy Fresh Odor Defense Beads 30oz

Lower Price in Store

Check your local Costco for a lower in-store price! Save $3.50 off the best fabric softener I’ve used lately.

This blows dryer sheets out of the water for me personally. You can purchase these Downy Fresh Odor Defense Beads for $16.49 online with a $3 shipping fee. No separate delivery fee with 2-Day orders of $75 or more.
($75 order minimum applies to 2-Day items only, NOT the total order value)


Have you used these? They are on sale until 8/30. You gotta try them. HE is Compatible too!

You will get the $3.50 off in-store too, and the in-store price is lower.



  • 30.3 oz
  • April Fresh Scent
  • 63 Loads
  • Compatible with HE Machines
  • Neutralize Fabric Odors All Day Long

    Item  2161247


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