Free Lettuce, Hillshire Farm Sausage & Ham at BJs!

Help Your Friends Save Too!

BJ’s members do not miss out on these awesome freebies good only through July 13th!


If you missed my previous post there are 9 amazing coupon deals you don’t want to miss.


The top ones being getting a FREE head of Iceberg lettuce when you use the coupon found in club near the front entrance or add it online or in the app. No purchase required. It is one per member.


You can also get a FREE Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage when you buy one Hillshire farm smoked sausage.


And the last awesome one is a FREE Hillshire Farm Brown Sugar ham lunch meat when you buy one Hillshire Farm Brown Sugar ham.


I went shopping at BJs yesterday and shared these deals. Our club has signs up for substitutions because the Hillshire farm items were sold out.

Personally it worked out even better with the substitutions because we got variety. You can check out the details on that in the video here.


Check out next week’s freebies HERE.