Giant Splash Pad Pool $13.91

Close out the summer with a splash! This Giant Splash Pad Pool is on clearance at Sam’s Club.
You can grab it online for $13.91 or in-store. Check in-store if stock is low.

This was originally $49!

giant splash pad pool

  • WOW water action adjustable height 360 degree sprinkler that shoots water over 8ft high
  • Weighs only 32 lb. so you can easily maneuver as the play day sways
  • Perfect for ages 5 and up (BIG kids too)
  • Easy to use and store. Just connect it to your garden hose and adjust water pressure to raise or lower the spray height. After use, unplug the water connection, drain the water from the sprinkler pad, deflate, let dry and fold it up for the next day of fun.
  • 10ft diameter is great for up to 6 people at a time
  • Water watcher tag included for the supervising adult
  • Backed by WOW 1 year warranty


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