Hallmark Disney Ornaments 4pk $24.99

In-store and Online

Any Disney fans are sure to love this deal. This set of Hallmark Disney Ornaments come in a 4 pack for $24.99 in-store.
Adorable and crafted to resemble Mickey Mouse. These are glass and each ornament is packaged individually in their own box.
So they make great gifts as well.

They are also available online for $29.99
Thank you to one of our Facebook Members for letting us know about this one!
We really appreciate you sharing some of your pick ups!

Hallmark Disney Ornaments Set


  • Made of glass
  • Each ornament packaged in individual box
  • Hanger Attachment
  • Each ornament approximate dimensions: 4.84″ W x 3.97″ H x 3.15″ L
  • Approximate weight 0.12 lb.


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