Innovasian Super Stir Fry 50oz $12.98 at Sam’s Club

Parents, make dinner night something special with Innovasian Super Stir Fry from Sam’s Club. Perfect for your budget-friendly and healthful family meals, the 50oz pack has only $12.98! With vitamins and minerals coming packed into every noodle of sesame ginger sauce or savory stir fry seasoning blend bite – it’ll have everyone energized in no time!

You won’t regret making this amazing meal part of your weekly menu rotation; you can thank us later when all ages are happy – because at such an affordable price point mom AND dad will be smiling too!


Innovasian Super Stir Fry 50oz $12.98

innovasian super stir fry innovasian super stir fry


  • Grilled white chicken meat stir-fry with seasoned rice and quinoa
  • Packed with a colorful mix of vegetables
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • 12 g protein per serving
  • Makes seven one-cup servings


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