July 4th Star Cutout Cookies $10.98 at Sam’s Club

In-Store and Online

Ah, it’s July 4th again! Patriotic holidays like this are always a great time to celebrate with friends and family. And when you have get-togethers during the summer months, nothing beats a plate of freshly baked cookies.

Sam’s Club knows just how much we all love sweets, so they’ve come out with these Star Cutout Cookies that make them perfect for any Fourth of July celebration and only cost $10.98!

Star Cutout Cookies $10.98

july 4th star cutout cookies

Not only will these savory treats be sure to delight your taste buds but they’ll also give any gathering an instant patriotic touch so you can look forward to the sweet satisfaction before even taking that first bite. Bon appetit!

star cutout cookies


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