Kid Fav Backpacks Out at BJs Now!

Help Your Friends Save Too!

Check out these cute Backpacks available now at BJs Wholesale club. They may not last long! If your kiddo is wanting one grab it while you can.

There may be a clipless coupon coming for these soon.


Head on over to your local BJ’s Wholeasale club where the back to school items are pouring in.  I couldn’t find any cute backpacks on the website so this is an in club only deal.

If this is your first year shopping back to school at BJs you can see what they usually have and prices in our post here from last year. 


back to school supplies

These are the smaller backpacks which are perfect for the elementary kids. I scored such a good deal on the High Sierra full size backpacks at BJs two years ago for under $8. I didn’t realize they even made small backpacks.  We kept hearing others say that’s such a big backpack!  But it has held up so well.


Choose from Unicorn, Sequins or Dinosaur. 


In each one you get a little gel icepack, a snack bag and the backpack. This makes it a better deal with the extras than the Cat & Jack Backpacks at Target. 


backpacks at BJs wholesale club


Each Backpack is $19.99. There will probably be a clipless coupon coming soon for these.



Should You Buy School Supplies at BJs or Target?

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