Kirkland Grass Fed Salted Butter 2lbs $9.99

Better than Kerrygold??

You won’t believe the value on this Kirkland Grass Fed Salted Butter at Costco.
This is 95% Grass Fed Butter divided into 4 8oz bars. Only $9.99 compared to something like Kerrygold which is upwards of $12.

If you’re a fan of butter and use it often in recipes, you really should try this.
Reviews and hype on this is looking good so far.

It packs about 4x the flavor. This is showing up in the East Coast and Midwest. Have you seen it at your store yet?

kerrygold grass fed salted butter

Thanks to one of our Facebook Group members for spotting this!
We know good deals when we see them there, join us!


Let us know what you think of this Kirkland Grass Fed Salted Butter.


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