Lotus Biscoff Cookies $2.30 Off!

Save $2.30 In-store or Online

One of the best cookies in the game is on sale at Costco! These Lotus Biscoff Cookies are $2.30 off until 10/24/21.
These are $5.69 online and will be less in your store. Each box is 8.8oz with 4 packages in each.
Normally $7.99!

Goes great with Coffee, Tea or just on their own.
One member in the store once recommended using them for a pie crust instead of Graham Crackers.

Lotus Biscoff Cookies

Product Details

  • Carefully selected natural ingredients;
  • Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned;
  • Coffee’s best companion;
  • Unique flavor, iconic shape and crunchy bite;
  • Does not contain nuts


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