Member’s Mark Dark Chocolate PB Delights $7.91 at Sam’s

Online and In-store

Do you love snacks that taste delicious and satisfy your cravings for something sweet? We have just the thing! These Member’s Mark Dark Chocolate PB Delights is one of the tastiest treats out there, and now they are available at your local Sam’s Club store for amazing value.


Not a Sam’s Member? Sign up for only $24.99! The regular price is $50 a year. 

Member's Mark dark chocolate pb delights

These rich, chewy clusters of peanut butter covered in dark chocolate will delight your taste buds and make snack time a little more special.


Grab them while they are on clearance.

Originally $18.48.
Available online or in-store.

  • Rich dark chocolate shell
  • Perfectly roasted peanuts blended into luscious peanut butter filling
  • Premium dark chocolate with fruity and floral notes
  • Handcrafted premium treat
  • Available for a limited time only


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