Monopoly Mario Boardgame $22.91 at Sam’s

Save $17!

Are you a fan of Mario? If so, then this next clearance deal is right up your alley! For those of us who are still kids at heart – or have actual kids in their lives who need some entertainment– we’ve got some good news: the Monopoly Mario Board Game is currently on sale for only $22.91 at Sam’s Club!

This iconic game brings together two classic experiences into one larger-than-life package that’s perfect from family game nights or just hanging with friends.

Monopoly Mario Boardgame $22.91

monopoly mario boardgame


Monopoly Mario boardgame


  • Premium Gaming Components: Monopoly Gamer Super Mario Premium Edition board game wows with premium finishes on the box, detailed character tokens, plastic coins, and an exciting unboxing experience.
  • The Perfect Present for Super Mario Fans: This fun board game for families and kids makes a great gift for Super Mario fans, Monopoly game fans, and gamers ages 8 and up.
  • A Super Mario-Inspired Twist To The Monopoly Game: Players race around the board as Super Mario characters, collecting coins, buying property, and beating Bosses. Rack up the most points to win.
  • Favorite Super Mario Characters: Character tokens include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Toad. Each character has unique abilities.
  • Extra Bowser Token: This Monopoly Gamer Premium Edition also includes the addition of Bowser to the game.


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