NEW Famous Daves Sweet n Spicy Pickle Chips $5.79

Hey fellow Dave’s BBQ fans, listen up! The latest food trend has arrived and it’s a bit of an oddball – Sweet n Spicy Pickle Chips. Before you turn your nose up at the thought, hear me out. These gourmet snack sensations are taking the town by storm and it’s obvious why.

These are available in-store only! Get them while they’re on sale.
Originally $7.49 for 64oz. Save $1.70 instantly until 6/6/25.

Famous Daves Sweet n Spicy Pickle Chips

Crunchy, tangy pickles with just the right amount of sweet and spicy? Trust me, your taste buds will be obsessed.
And at only $5.79 per bag, it’s a wallet-friendly indulgence for you (and any pickle-obsessed friends you have).



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