Prokeeper Fresh Produce Keeper Set 4pk $19.99

Online and In-store

Do you want to make sure your family has the freshest produce available? Check out this deal at Costco, where you can get the Prokeeper Fresh Produce Keeper Set 4pk for just $19.99! These uniquely designed lidded containers are perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables fresher longer – ensuring your family gets the very best in terms of nutrition from their produce.

With four different sizes available, each container is optimally shaped and vented so that it properly seals in food without trapping moisture or odors inside – giving you better tasting fruit and veggies every time! Plus it has a built in Colander!

This is being discontinued so be on the lookout for it if you need it.

Prokeeper Fresh Produce Keeper 4pk $19.99

Item# 1681589


Prokeeper Fresh Produce Keeper Set 4pk prokeeper fresh produce keeper set


  • Keeps Fruit and Vegetables Fresh
  • Air-Flow Vent System
  • Built-in Colander
  • Stackable
  • BPA-Free



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