Roasted Almonds 2lbs ONLY $6.71 at Sam’s

Online and In-store

Sam’s Club Members get the satisfaction of a sweet treat with the benefit of a good-for-you snack when they buy Member’s Mark Roasted Almonds. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or you’re just looking for something to snack on in front of the TV, these delicious California almonds are here to satisfy.

This is a really good deal if you incorporate Almonds into your diet.
Originally $11.48, now just $6.71 for 2 pounds!

Roasted Almonds 2lbs $6.71

roasted almonds

With sea salt and Vitamin E, they taste great and offer health benefits too.
Plus, with them coming in a resealable bag, you can eat a few now and save some for later – no more scraping up dried out almond crumbs at the bottom of your bag.

  • Delicious California almonds with sea salt
  • Great for snacking
  • Excellent source of vitamin E
  • Kosher
  • Resealable bag


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